Lauren Alaina: ‘Sitting Pretty On Top Of The World’ – Album Review

Lauren Alaina’s third full-length album, Sitting Pretty On Top Of The World is available everywhere today, September 3rd. Alaina co-wrote fourteen out of the fifteen brand new tunes. Check out the full review below.

In the ten years since the release of her debut record Wildflower, Lauren Alaina has grown into an incredible singer and songwriter in country music. While her first album introduced her artistry, her sophomore record, Road Less Traveled solidified her staying power. Today, Alaina premiered her most impressive full-length album to date, Sitting Pretty On Top Of The World.

The brand new record marks her most personal project yet. According to Alaina, “It’s about a dreamer becoming an achiever. It’s being broken and ending up healed. It’s all of me. The early chapters. The new beginnings. The hope for the future and total appreciation for the past. Taking the Road Less Traveled and ending up Sitting Pretty on Top of the World.

Songs like “It Was Me” and “If The World Was A Small Town” introduce the project. Both songs shine a light on self-awareness and growth. While the former is pensive and retrospective, “If The World Was A Small Town” is more celebratory and dreamy. Similarly, Alaina’s single, “Getting Good” also celebrates life and all its glory. This version features superstar Trisha Yearwood on the track.

“Once I get a house that I can hang my hat on // I bet I’ll want to build a bigger one if I could, yeah // I’m thinking, once I learn to grow right where I’m planted // Maybe that’s when life starts getting good // Oh, getting good // Getting good // Life starts getting good // I’m thinking maybe that’s when life starts getting good”

Alaina also collaborates with pop sensation, Lukas Graham and country artist, Jon Pardi. Graham lends his vocals to “What Do You Think Of?,” while Pardi sings “Getting Over Him” with the songstress. Both songs are incredibly different, but equally mesmerizing. Alaina picked the perfect duet buddies to complement her powerful vocals.

The songstress’ story-telling continues throughout the project, but it is especially extremely evident on track three and track eight. On track three, “Same Story, Different Saturday Night,” Alaina dissects how we all feel, during a night out. She talks about the girl crying all alone at the bar, the couple fighting, and the birthday girl on the dance floor. On the other hand, “I’m Not Sad Anymore” feels like a more personal story.

“When I’m not sad anymore // When there ain’t tears falling on the floor // When I’m not looking for a shoulder // My phone lights up with a “will you come over?” // When I’m not thinking one thing about you // You always do that thing you do // Yeah you decide that I’m worth fighting for // When I’m not sad anymore”

Alaina’s vulnerability continues on “Good Ole Boy” and “Goodbye Street.” The former, one of our favorites, tells the story about a broken relationship. Through the heartbreak, the singer still emerges with strength. That inner strength is also evident in songs “When The Party’s Over” and “You Ain’t A Cowboy.”

The record culminates with “Written In The Bar” and “Change My Mind.” “Written In The Bar,” is a slow burn. The song is not necessarily about love, but about lust and falling in love for the moment. The final song, “Change My Mind” is about opening your heart to love. It feels like the perfect way to end this chapter of the singer’s music.

Congratulations to Alaina and her team for creating a record to be proud of, and one fans can relish in.

Lauren Alaina’s Sitting Pretty On Top Of The World Track List:

  1. It Was Me (Lauren Alaina, Hillary Lindsey)
  2. If The World Was A Small Town (Lauren Alaina, David Garcia, Josh Miller)
  3. Getting Good (featuring Trisha Yearwood) (Emily Weisband)
  4. Same Story, Different Saturday Night (Lauren Alaina, Hillary Lindsey, Lori McKenna, Liz Rose)
  5. On Top Of The World (Lauren Alaina, Jordan Reynolds, Sasha Sloan)
  6. Run (Lauren Alaina, Ben Johnson, Kennedi Lykken)
  7. What Do You Think Of? (with Lukas Graham) (Lauren Alaina, Jens Carlsson, Asia Whiteacre)
  8. I’m Not Sad Anymore (Lauren Alaina, Hillary Lindsey, Lori McKenna, Liz Rose)
  9. Getting Over Him (with Jon Pardi) (Lauren Alaina, Paul DiGiovanni, Emily Weisband)
  10. Good Ole Boy (Lauren Alaina, David Garcia, Josh Miller)
  11. When The Party’s Over (Lauren Alaina, David Garcia Corey Crowder)
  12. You Ain’t A Cowboy (Lauren Alaina, Casey Brown, Parker Welling)
  13. Goodbye Street (Lauren Alaina, Jacob Durrett, Ernest K. Smith)
  14. Written In The Bar (Lauren Alaina, Hillary Lindsey, Lori McKenna, Liz Rose)
  15. Change My Mind (Lauren Alaina, Cameron Bedell, Seth Ennis)

Country Swag Picks:

  1. “Getting Good”
  2. “Good Ole Boy”
  3. “It Was Me”

Lauren Alaina releases brand new album ‘Sitting Pretty On Top Of The World,’ available now.

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