NYCS First Impression: Lauren Alaina ‘Getting Good’ EP

Lauren Alaina Getting Good

Fans of Lauren Alaina have been waiting three long years for the follow-up project to the talented songstress’ elite record Road Less Traveled. The wait is finally over! Today Alaina released her EP, Getting Good featuring six well-rounded songs to hold fans over until a full-length project is announced.

The EP begins with a daring ode to her country roots. The song is entitled “In My Veins.” Alaina, a Georgia native, is proud to be a country singer but is even prouder of how she grew up and how she was raised. The first track embodies that sentiment. The singer reminds fans of her country roots, yet again in “Country In Me,” but in this case, Alaina is singing about a new love interest, rather than her hometown. The fun and flirty song depicts a relationship, where somehow the guy brings out the down-home, countryside out of her.

Of course, Alaina included three previously released songs on her project, including “Getting Good” and “Ladies In The ‘90s.” The first is her current radio single. It is an honest song about trying to slow time down and stay in the present. Alaina opens up about anxious feelings in this song, which is a feeling many people can relate to in this day and age. She sings the impactful sentiment, “I’m thinking once I learn to grow right where I’m planted / Maybe that’s when life starts getting good.”

On the other hand, “Ladies In The ‘90s,” the first single to go to country radio off this record, is a complete jam. Co-written by Alaina, with Amy Wadge and Jesse Frasure, the nostalgic track celebrates female artists of the ‘90s across all genres of music and the time where female artists ruled the country genre. She is the perfect vocalist to deliver this sassy and fun song.

Track number three off the EP, “Somebody Else’s Problem,” is a brand new song that fans have gravitated towards, during live shows. The song is an empowering breakup anthem, similar to Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats.” Alaina declares that a man is now “somebody else’s problem,” after dealing with his baggage for far too long. The song adds some dimension topically, as well as, to Alaina’s typical sound.

Finally, the record closes with arguably the best song on the whole project, “The Other Side.” Written for her late stepfather, Sam, Alaina poetically expresses the great loss she endured and the story of her stepfather seeing heaven before he passed away. Watch the tearful clip from her NYC headlining show below. “The Other Side” goes out to anyone who has ever experienced a loss, and although emotional, the song is spiritual, profound, and impactful. Ultimately, it was the perfect way to end the record.

The record as a whole embodies Alaina. She sings her truth in each and every song on the EP. From nostalgia to heartbreak to empowerment, the singer covers the gamut of experiences we all go through in such a way that is personal for her, but yet relatable to fans.

Getting Good Track List:
1. “In My Veins”
2. “Getting Good”
3. “Somebody Else’s Problem”
4. “Ladies In The ‘90s”
5. “Country In Me”
6. “The Other Side”

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NYCountry Swag Picks:
1. “The Other Side”
2. “Ladies In The ‘90s”

Getting Good is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music.





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