NYCS First Impression: Lauren Alaina ‘Getting Over Him’

Getting Over Him Lauren Alaina

It’s been six weeks since this “Getting Good” singer announced the release of her new EP Getting Over Him that originated “while learning how to let go of the past”. But, despite the presence of heartbreak and betrayal, Lauren Alaina could not have been more anxious to get these songs out to the public. In fact, her tireless, pun-endorsed self-promotion through Instagram has been a guiding light to the day these songs hit all media outlets. And, that day has finally arrived.

“This music is empowering. It feels resilient, more confident, bold and more secure.” Alaina said in a press release. “This EP came out of me learning not only to love myself, but to be ok if someone doesn’t love me back. Even in times of brokenness and sadness, you can still be empowered and get through it and find your voice and say ‘I deserve better than this. I don’t have to put up with this.'”

Alaina celebrated this new chapter of music, and added fuel to the flame, by releasing two singles during the short yet seemingly long waiting period with “Run” and, most recently, the title track with Jon Pardi “Getting Over Him”. The latter is a charming yet rough-edged track that features “an added dose of devil-may-care attitude” which works incredibly well as a title track production, to sum up, all emotions involved.

“We were dive bar kissing / Heartbreak fixing / No strings Saturday night / Hot like a match it burned out fast / Forever wasn’t in our eyes / You knew it and I knew it / And it was a damn good time / My last call first call no falling / Just your getting over him guy”

There are three never before heard tracks that maintain the same feisty, get-out-of-my-way type of confidence that often comes with the newly single girl glow. There’s a common theme of command and authoritativeness throughout whereas Alaina exudes the notion of being better off without him. Though, at the same time, the lyrics involve poise and civility. Specifically in “Bar Back”, Alaina explains that he can have everything and any spot that they used to go to together, except one.

“I’m taking back that little hole in the wall / the red door sign saying ‘come on in y’all’ / the deep eddy shots, the bartender neck, the smoky patio with all my rowdy friends / you can have any bar that you want but not this one in Midtown / find a new place to hang out, better not see you around again / ‘cause I’m taking my bar back”

The closing track, “What Do You Think Of”, features pop artist Lukas Graham who is best known for his 2018 hits “Love Someone” and “7 Years”, which hit #1 on the Billboard Mainstream Top 40 list. With distressed lyrics and soft instrumental accompaniment, “What Do You Think Of” is able to physically remove itself and stand-alone from the rest of the Getting Over Him stories, in the very best way.

“I am the most nervous about releasing this one because I was so vulnerable when I wrote it,” Lauren explains in a statement. “This song comes from a really broken place, but it’s part of who I am and part of what I went though, so if I’m going to be honest in my music, I have to share songs like this too.”

The level of steadfastness that is necessary to create such a project through trying experiences is remarkable. There’s something special about Alaina’s open-book type of candor that allows listeners to feel alongside the artist herself. Getting Over Him showcases the strength and perseverance that Alaina withholds as a woman, a songwriter, and an entertainer. 

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Getting Over Him is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.




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