Kip Moore: ‘Wild World Deluxe’ – Album Review

Kip Moore adds four brand new songs in his Wild World Deluxe Album, available everywhere today. The singer-songwriter will also play a live show at The Ryman tonight to celebrate the release of the project.

Kip Moores’s 'Wild World Deluxe Album' is available everywhere now, February 12th

Kip Moore’s ‘Wild World Deluxe Album’ is available everywhere now, February 12th

Kip Moore released his Wild World Deluxe Album today, February 12th, which includes four additional songs. The original album, Wild World, was released in May of 2020 and included songs like “She’s Mine”, which was the album’s first single, “Red White Blue American Dream”, and the title-track. The deluxe version of Wild World will include two pre-released songs, “Don’t Go Changing” and “How High”, both of which have incredible music videos, as well as two brand new songs, “Midnight Slow Dance” and “Man’s Gotta Do”. 

To celebrate the release of the deluxe album, Moore will be playing “Wild World Deluxe: Live From The Ryman”; a socially-distanced show and global livestream event at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee at 8 PM CT (9 PM EST) on February 12th. One dollar from every ticket sold will be donated to ACM Lifting Lives. Get tickets here

With the deluxe version of the album, Moore adds four new songs to the 13-track record. First of which is “Don’t Go Changing”. The track reminds listeners of the importance and need of a constant in an ever-changing and uncertain world. While listeners can gather this from the lyrics of the song, Moore gives the song a much deeper meaning in its music video seen above. Moore uses the song as a metaphor to highlight the suffering of the live music industry in the current pandemic. In the music video, Moore highlights several well-known music venues across Music City and sits down with Chris Cobb, the owner of a local venue and co-founder of Music Venue Alliance Nashville, an organization whose current focus is to help independent music venues that are working to survive through the pandemic. The hope is that the music video will encourage fans to donate and help support the venues that are home to the very shows that they are longing to return to. To learn more about Music Venue Alliance Nashville and donate, click here.

These days keep changin’ like the weather / Everybody’s light as a feather / I don’t see no signs of things gettin’ better / so, girl, just keep wearing leather / And don’t go changin’ on me, baby / ‘cause this world is turnin’ crazy / I’ll stay your boy, you stay my lady / And don’t go changin’ on me baby

In the next song, “Midnight Slow Dance”, Moore sings about two strangers who catch each other’s eyes from across the room. These two know they want the same thing and they don’t want to wait to see where things might go, but be together tonight. They don’t want to lead each other in circles and put off what they both want.

Well I’ve been watching you for hours / And you’ve been looking my way too / Well maybe I’ll just get your number / But what I’d really like to do / I wanna feel what’s in your heart / press against your lips / set this room on fire with a long wet kiss / take you in my arms / wrap you in romance / I want a midnight slow dance

The most recently released track, “How High” compares the affection that someone could have for another to the smoke that fills up a room, to a balloon that gets released in the sky, and to the stars in outer space. “How High” takes on a deeper and less obvious meaning through the euphoric story that is told through its music video.

The music video, seen above, develops the story of an elderly woman living life how she desires, without allowing age to become any kind of a factor. Reminiscing through photos of her younger self, this woman makes a decision to live life as carefree as she did back then. As she breaks every stereotype of how she should seemingly be living, she dances her way through the streets smoking and drinking, and not caring about how she looks or what others may be thinking of her. She teaches everyone she passes, despite their judgment, how to live a little bit more like her. When she reaches the end of her journey, the amazing moments from throughout her life flash in her mind and she is overwhelmed with a sense of happiness and relief knowing that she lived her life to the fullest. This story is a reminder about how short life really is, and how we need to enjoy every second that we have here.

How high, I get on you / It’s your eyes, it’s your touch / It’s tonight, it’s your love / It’s a ride and it’s  a rush / It always feels just like a drug / Take me there, take me on / Let down your hair, anything you want / yeah, I need ya’ like the air / Girl, I swear you keep me stoned

The deluxe album rounds out at 17 total tracks with “Man’s Gotta Do”. This is the story of a man that wants more for his own kid than what he had growing up. When he was just a boy, his father left him and his mom, and he was forced to grow up quickly and be the man he needed to be for his family. When he’s faced with the similar situation of being a dad earlier than he planned, and having to grow up too quick for the second time in his life, he chooses to be the man that his father wasn’t. 

Sometimes right, it don’t go as you planned / No matter how hard you try, it’s out of your hands / And sometimes life shows up, long before you want it to / And sometimes a boy’s gotta do what a mans gotta do

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Wild World Deluxe is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.