NYCS First Impression: Kip Moore ‘Wild World’

Kip Moore Wild World

“She said, ‘Ooh baby, it’s a wild world” are the first lyrics in the chorus of the title track of Kip Moore’s fourth studio album available today (5/29). While that sentiment couldn’t ring truer during a global pandemic, Moore has forged ahead with the release of his highly anticipated project, giving fans just what the world might need right now, a little bit of musical medicine.

Opening with a song that he first played for attendees of CRS (Country Radio Seminar) back in February in Nashville at the Ryman Auditorium, “Janie Blu”, the story of a lost girl from his past that he is clinging to.  Moore has a way of filling the entire space in a song with a smattering of instruments while his lyrics are insightful and quietly express the story. The project was recorded live with a full band to capture the full emotion of each of songs.

Throughout the project, Moore’s vocals sound better than they’ve ever been, intentional yet breezy. He sings each word with conviction, something that fans have gravitated towards since his debut album and sing back to him with the same confidence during his live shows.

One of the many highlights on Wild World comes at the very end of “Fire and Flame” where after several cathedral-like chords,  Moore echos the chorus one final time as if speaking a confessional. “Someday I might find my way to heaven and Lord I hope there’s still room on that train / if you’re looking for me tonight, I’ll be out here burning bright, somewhere between the fire and flame”. The reflective track acts as a mirror showing the internal struggle you face as you grow older, trading in your vices for better practices.

“Music is the one thing where I really try to unveil where I’m at mentally, where my soul is,” the MCA Nashville recording artist explains in a press release. “As you get older, you start thinking about bigger concepts and where you fit in the grand scheme of this whole thing, and I’ve always lived my life simple. But the more I’ve lived, the more I understand that all this stuff we crave and seek, I see how much of life is smoke and mirrors. When I strip it down to the bare essentials, that’s when I’m the most happy.”

Although songs are written, recorded, and produced sometimes years before they become available for fans to hear, the title track seems as if Moore and songwriter Josh Miller could predict the crazy world they would be releasing this treasure into. “Wild World” reads like a list of advice a parent would give to their sons or daughters all the while, encouraging childlike wonder and to ultimately give up control. “Mama said, “Wild man, won’t you listen?” / Every second is God given / So forgive yourself, you’re just a man / And he’s too big for us to understand” he sings.

Moore’s version of a simple love song, “More Than Enough” highlights an effortless declaration that no matter what challenges may arise, a strong relationship can face anything. “I say the grass is pretty green right here, and this glass is past full, baby, cheers / to you, to me, to life and dreams, to all the little simple things / like this little piece of land that we’re on right now,” he croons in the second verse. “If it gets any better, hell, I don’t know how”.

“South” has a distinct sound, instantly catching your ear as Moore reminiscences of a summer romance over a bright cross-picking guitar while “Crazy For You Tonight” is sonically simple and sensual. The album closes with “Payin’ Hard”, for anyone who is following an unconventional dream. An acoustic masterpiece Moore outlines a life of sacrifices to play music, something that is specific to him and so many artists starving and yearning for the spotlight. “At the expense of my heart Lord, I’ve cashed in my soul / Chose this old guitar before the only love I’ve known / I gotta live with that, lose sleep with that when I close my eyes I’ll die with that yeah / My life’s a credit card, play now, pay later and I’m paying hard”.

Cowriting all but one song on Wild World, Moore bares his soul, laying out personal struggles and triumphs and managing to be sonically refreshing and nostalgic throughout.  One of his most stunning works to date, this project continues his legacy in the country music world.

NYCS Picks:

  1. “Payin’ Hard”
  2. “More Than Enough”
  3. “South”

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Wild World is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.

Kip Moore, Wild World Track List:
1. “Janie Blu” (Dan Couch, Kip Moore)
2. “Southpaw” (Westin Davis, Kip Moore)
3. “Fire and Flame” (Cary Barlowe, Brett James, Kip Moore, Will Weatherly)
4. “Wild World” (Josh Miller, Kip Moore)
5. “Red White Blue Jean American Dream” (Jimi Bell, Barton Davies, Luke Dick, Philip Lammonds)
6. “She’s Mine” (Dan Couch, Kip Moore, Scott Stepakoff)
7. “Hey Old Lover” (Dan Couch, Kip Moore)
8. “Grow on You” (Blair Daly, Westin Davis, Kip Moore)
9. “More Than Enough” (David Garcia, Josh Miller, Kip Moore)
10. “Sweet Virginia” (Kip Moore, Manny Medina, Erich Wigdahl)
11. “South” (Adam Browder, Dan Couch, Manny Medina, Kip Moore, Dave Nassie, Erich Wigdahl)
12. “Crazy for You Tonight” (Blair Daly, Westin Davis, Kip Moore)
13. “Payin’ Hard” (Blair Daly, Westin Davis, Kip Moore)




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