Kip Moore Releases “Don’t Go Changing” + Announces Deluxe Album Details

Kip Moore’s new song “Don’t Go Changing” comes with a powerful music video that shines a light on the unfortunate reality that the live music industry is facing during the pandemic. It is the first of four new songs that will be released on Moore’s new album, Wild World Deluxe, on February 12, 2021, and shares the theme of uncertainty that the singer/songwriter’s fourth studio album already embodies. Read more about it below.

Kip Moore Deluxe Wild World

“Don’t Go Changing” is about the need for a relationship to remain a constant in an ever-changing and uncertain world. This theme of uncertainty is expressed throughout the entire Wild World record. In his fourth studio album that dropped earlier this year, Moore co-wrote and produced all but one of the thirteen tracks, including his hit single “She’s Mine”. The success of Wild World prompted its deluxe release with four additional songs: “Don’t Go Changing”, “Midnight Slow Dance”, “How High”, and “Man’s Gotta Go”.

Wild World was inspired by Moore’s sense of wanderlust, which came from his experiences as a singer/songwriter. While travel was not something Moore had done before his move to Nashville, it became a large part of his life whether it was for performing or for escaping the new life of his. This raw and emotional collection of songs reflects Moore’s desire to be alone and his constant search for simplicity and joy. In what Entertainment Tonight called “his most honest music yet”, Moore dives deep into how his career has changed his life, and not always in the obvious and positive ways that one would think. The title track reflects the way he was raised and with that, a motto that he continues to live by: live life on your own terms.

“Don’t Go Changing” reminds listeners of the importance and need of a constant in a world that seems so uncertain. While listeners can gather this from the lyrics of the song, Moore gives the song a much deeper meaning in its music video. He uses the song as a metaphor to highlight the suffering of the live music industry in the current pandemic. To see what we mean, watch the music video for “Don’t Go Changing” below.

Directed by Alex Ferrari, the music video is staged in several well-known independent music venues across Music City, including The 5 Spot, The End, The Basement, Mercy Lounge, and Exit/In. The goal of this video was to bring attention to the effect that the pandemic has had on the live music industry, specifically independent venues in Nashville. Moore performs in these noticeably empty and deserted venues to remind us of the unfortunate reality that the live music industry is currently facing. While fans are hoping for the return of concerts, those working in the music industry are hoping simply to return to work, and a decent way of life. There are so many aspects that go into the live music industry that have long gone unrealized, and continue to even now. There are bartenders, event staff, security guards, kitchen workers and many more who are essential parts of making the live music industry function, and they are suffering greatly in these times. It is not just happening in Nashville, but all across the country. The effect that the pandemic has had on the live music industry has been detrimental and what makes it even scarier, is that there is still no end in sight.

The video starts and ends with Moore interviewing Chris Cobb, owner of the Exit/In and co-founder of Music Venue Alliance Nashville, an organization whose current focus is to help independent music venues that are working to survive through the pandemic. The hope is that the music video will encourage fans to donate and help support the venues that are home to the very shows that they are longing to return to. A place like Exit/In, which averaged 20 shows a month, has now been closed for eight months. Cobb refers to the current situation that many like him are facing as living in “survival mode” as they await the unknown return of business. 

While music can be our escape in these uncertain times, we can’t forget that in order for it to remain our escape, we need it to survive until its return to the stage. Moore helps to emphasize the need to save the music industry now, so that we will be able to enjoy live shows when the time comes, and it will. While Moore may desire the return of live music just as much as fans, he reminds of the difference between want and need, leisure and livelihood.

To learn more about Music Venue Alliance Nashville and donate, click here.

As Kip Moore continues to push the envelope as a genre-defying singer/songwriter, he has also earned a CMA nomination for the “International Artist Achievement Award”.

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