NYCS First Impression: Kip Moore ‘Room to Spare: The Acoustic Sessions’

Kip Moore Room to Spare


Multi-platinum singer-songwriter, Kip Moore delivered on a promise he made to loyal fans who yearned for an acoustic project from the artist. Today, the entertainer dropped an acoustically-driven EP, entitled Room to Spare: The Acoustic Sessions. The record features six new beautifully crafted tracks, with lyrics co-penned mostly by Moore that will tug at any listener’s heartstrings, as well as, a stripped-down version of the singer’s previously released song “Plead the Fifth.”

Moore has a reputation for having a way with words and a unique, but still distinctly country sound, which is evident throughout the songs on the EP. Each track has a beautiful melody, showcasing the singer’s raspy and cutting vocals. The third track on the record “Love You to the Moon” is Moore’s funky take on a love song, where the lovers aren’t able to be in the same place right now. Although stripped down, the song has a unique beat and a chorus that will be stuck in listener’s heads in no time. “It don’t matter where I’m at / We’re stuck together like a zodiac / Baby I’m coming home soon / I love you to the moon.

Another highlight is “Wish It Was Me.” The juxtaposition between the sweet instrumentals and Moore’s soothing voice verses the heartbreaking lyrics is so special. This song needs to be added on everyone’s playlist. The lyrics tell the story from the singer’s point of view, as he tells his ex who has moved on, that she is going to miss him. “Girl theres gonna come a day / When you have to look away / When he’s whispering your name / You’re gonna wish it was me.

The song “Part of Growing Up” closes out the record, perfectly bookending the heartfelt project. Moore illustrates his journey and experiences, growing up, sharing both positive and negative moments in life. The song does not sugar coat real-life challenges but is still uplifting at the same time. “Some doors are open / more shut / I’ve had some dreams that turned to dust / Yeah life has hit me just because it can / but daddy ain’t/ but that’s all part of growing up.” The message is clear that as long as we yearn for learning and experiences, we will always still be growing up.

The singer humbly announced the release of Room to Spare: The Acoustic Sessions on his Twitter, earlier today, sharing “You guys have been asking for an acoustic project for years & most of these songs were buried for years… I’m stoked you guys get to finally hear them.” Moore did not disappoint with this record, as it truly is an inside look at what is in the singer’s heart and soul.

Traditionally following a headlining tour such as Moore’s, ‘After the Sunburn’ tour, the singer will play a few additional acoustic shows for diehard fans of his music. In honor of those fans and the new record, the singer-songwriter will embark on a limited tour to celebrate, kicking off in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on November 29th. Lucky fans will be able to experience the new tracks live at a few special shows. For more information and tickets, head to


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