Kip Moore Lyrics To Use For Instagram Captions

Kip Moore has released some of the best albums, we definitely consider him one of the most underrated artists in the business. We have the perfect Instagram captions for you the next time you see him live. From falling in love or just being around friends on a weekend, Moore has nailed every thought that would fit right into your Instagram post.


Here are some of our favorite Instagram worthy Kip Moore lyrics:


  1. “Now your lips do something to my kiss; make me want you more and believe again” – Magic

  2. “Worry ’bout tomorrow when tomorrow comes, tonight we’re just worried about having fun” – Wild Ones

  3. “Let’s wake the town that never stops sleeping. You got the kiss that tastes like honey and I got a little beer money” – Beer Money

  4. “And I caught this feeling that I can’t explain; got my heart speeding, every time she says my name” – Good Thing

  5. “My heart you ain’t gotta steal it, it’s all yours so just come and get it” – Come And Get It

  6. “Come hell or high water I still believe I can win. Just call me the comeback kid” – Comeback Kid

  7. “Cause we’ll be up all night, keeping up the moon. I Just wanna dance, baby dance with you” – Up All Night

  8. “On that dropped tailgate, on a summer night, somethin’ bout beer sittin’ on ice” – Somethin’ Bout A Truck

  9. “Life’s a long and winding ride, better have the right one by your side” – Hey Pretty Girl

  10. “Well, maybe I’m reckless, maybe bad luck, hell maybe I’m way too much about having fun” – Reckless (Still Growin’ Up)1.

  11. “Hey, if you wouldn’t mind, if you see her out tonight, tell her she’s mine.” – She’s Mine

  12. “If you were my last night I ever had on wheels, I woulda drive you like I stole ya.” – Last Shot

  13. “He sure didn’t make no mistake when he put that angel on Earth.” – More Girls Like You

  14. “Proudly love you ’til the day I die” – Plead The Fifth

  15. “And the sun still shines all the time and the sky’s still blue.” – It Ain’t California



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