Georgia Webster: ‘First Goodbye’ EP – Review

Georgia Webster’s First Goodbye EP is out today, July 16th, on all streaming platforms. Featuring tracks such as “Push & Pull” and “Tell Your Mom,” check out our full review below.

We always look forward to Fridays because of the incredible new releases by country artists. Today, we are extra excited because talented singer-songwriter Georgia Webster makes her major-label debut. The Sony Music Nashville signee may only be 17 years old, but she has all the wisdom you need to make great music. Webster’s debut EP First Goodbye is officially out.

The EP kicks off with two songs that fans might be familiar with, due to the singer’s massive presence on social media. “Tell Your Mom” is arguably the song that made it happen for the songstress. The track went viral on TikTok back in July of 2020, and fans are still obsessed with it today. It is one of those songs that is both lyrically and melodically soothing.

“Summer nights and the way we kissed ya // Thought I was done didn’t know I missed it // But when I heard her voice I couldn’t breathe // Tell your mom to stop calling me // No disrespect, she’s the nicest lady // But she reminds me of you and lately // I’ve been holding myself up from falling // Please tell your mama to stop // calling, calling, calling”

Next up, “Push & Pull” brings us all back to that place of not wanting to end a relationship that your heart is no longer in. Webster admits to just not quite feeling it with her current relationship. Although many artists tackle heartbreak in their music, the singer does so in a way that gives a voice to those relationships that are good, but just not good enough.

The record transitions into another slow song with the title track, “First Goodbye.” Unlike “Push & Pull,” the heartache is truly evident on this song. Webster recounts a high school relationship and all the “firsts.” The song is nostalgic, sweet, and deeply personal. The songstress really lets fans into her heart on this diamond of a song.

“I can’t stop going back and forth // I keep asking myself // if freedom and growing is worth being alone, but I guess it’s too late now // and back then we had it easier, never wanted to leave // I say it and it hurts”

On “UGLY,” Webster shows off her sassier side. The singer describes a physically beautiful teen boy, but still labels him as “ugly” because of the way he treated her. The song feels stage-ready; despite, its melancholy content.

The record wraps up perfectly with “Box of Memories.” Although the song feels somber, we can all relate to that physical box of an old relationship that is pushed away into the back of our closet. “Box of Memories” is a song that paints imagery to that feeling and that physicality. It beautifully puts a bow on the record in a way that feels like a chapter ending.

The entire record is truly made up of what feels like diary entries from the songstress. Mashing up John Mayer vibes with old-school Taylor Swift, Webster finds the sweet spot with her knack for songwriting and her captivating country-pop vocals. Congrats to the singer on an incredible debut!

First GoodbyeEP Tracklist:

  1. Tell Your Mom
  2. Push & Pull
  3. First Goodbye
  4. UGLY
  5. Box of Memories

Georgia Webster’s new EP, ‘First Goodbye’ is available now.

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