Georgia Webster: ‘SIGNS’ – EP Review

Georgia Webster shares brand new EP, SIGNS, out now, May 31st, on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new project below.

Every now and then there is an artist that speaks to the universal feelings that young girls and women go through. Artists like Taylor Swift and Stevie Nicks transcend generations for that reason. Georgia Webster is an artist that fits into that category with her relatable songwriter and honest lyrics. Much like old-school T-Swift, Webster has a knack for singing about her personal experiences, while giving fans something to relate to. Her newest EP, SIGNS features eight tracks that proves that Webster’s stardom has no limits.

“My third EP, SIGNS, is the best music I’ve made to date and I’m so excited for it to finally be out in the world,” shared the singer in a recent press release. “King Henry is one of my dream producers so being able to collaborate with him on the whole project was such a surreal experience—and I think we really created something special. These songs are straight from the heart!!”

Webster’s signature country-pop sound is on full display through all eight tracks on the project. The record kicks off with two mid-tempo, honest songs called, “Attention” and “Delusional.” Both speak to the complicated feelings of not feeling good enough in a relationship.

Webster continues to lament about a situation-ship in her viral song, “This Ain’t A Breakup.” While arguably all of the songstress’ music reads like a journal-entry, “This Ain’t A Breakup” feels straight ripped from the pages of the singer’s diary. The heartbreaking song depicts how it feels to be heartbroken, even though it was not a full-blown relationship. On track 8, Webster gives new life to the song, collaborating with Nightly to add new dynamics (and lyrics) to the already stellar song.

“‘Cause this ain’t a breakup and we never dated // No this ain’t a breakup, heard that you’re sayin’ // We wouldn’t have lasted, I’m overreactin’ // So why am I askin’? // If this ain’t a breakup and we never made love // Then why is your body on mine on my mind when I wake up? // If this ain’t a breakup, then why ain’t I coping? // If this ain’t a breakup, then why am I broken?”

While Webster is clearly gifted at opening up about heartbreak, she also has a confident vibe about her. Both her sons, “Jupiter” and “Town Talks” showcase that signature sass, while still keeping the honesty.

“I don’t gotta talk // I don’t gotta talk // I don’t gotta talk about you // ‘Cause you’ve already lost // I don’t gotta gossip when you leave the room // Woah Nashville will hurt you more than I will // You know it’s true that // I don’t gotta talk // I don’t gotta talk // Baby ’cause this town talks so I don’t have to”

“Wedding Song” is one of the standout tracks on the record. Heartbreaking and haunting, the song talks about all the what could have beens about a relationship that did not make it to the altar. Throughout the song, Webster candidly shares that she would have done anything to make this broken relationship work.

SIGNS is truly Webster’s best work to date. Each of the eight tracks display a new-found maturity in her music, while still keeping the signature honesty that fans have come to love from the songstress.

SIGNS Track List:

  1. Attention
  2. Delusional
  3. This Ain’t A Breakup
  4. Jupiter
  5. Town Talks
  6. Wedding Song
  7. Life Before You
  8. This Ain’t A Breakup (feat. Nightly)

Georgia Webster shares brand new album, ‘Signs,’ out now on all streaming platforms.

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