Georgia Webster: ‘Chapter 1: Things We’re Not Saying’ – EP Review

Georgia Webster’s EP, Chapter 1: Things We’re Not Saying, is out now, September 23rd on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new project below and check out our full review.

Georgia Webster is pure honesty and talent. Her debut EP, First Goodbye was full of songs she wrote by herself during high school. Today, she is displaying a more mature side of herself with songs she co-wrote in Nashville. Her EP, Chapter 1: Things We’re Not Saying” is officially here.

Keeping with the thread of honesty and personal touches, each of the six songs on the EP still feels ripped straight from Webster’s diary. According to the songstress, “These were some of my first co-writes ever and I’m honored to have gotten to work with Josh Kerr and everyone else on the project!” Webster also expressed excitement over being invited to tour with Kelsea Ballerini on her intimate, ‘HEARTFIRST Tour.’ “I also can’t believe that I get to tour with one of my favorite artists in country music. To be able to tour with and learn from Kelsea is a dream come true.”

We are sure fans will be excited to hear these songs on the upcoming tour. Beginning with the recently released 1-2 punch, “I Hate Phone Calls (Long Distance Sucks)” and “Risk,” Webster puts her feelings out there. On the former, the singer-songwriter expresses how hard long-distance  relationships truly are. On, “Risk” featuring Jonathan Hutcherson, Webster’s vocals (and feelings) are on full display. One of our favorites on the project, the song portrays how it feels to end a relationship without any resentment.

“I guess it’s the risk that you take // That your heart’s gonna break when it’s over // And lately I’ve been wondering // If the hurt was with getting to know ya // For all of our good times // I’m spending my nights // Crying alone in my bedroom // I guess it’s the risk that you take // When you love someone like I loved you”

On the contrary, on “X’s,” Webster shares how it feels to be heartbroken. The all-to-relatable tune went viral on TikTok for its likability and catchy hook. The singer cleverly weaves the song lyrics to mean different things, referring to both exes and x’s on her hands. It makes for an enticing and fun song; despite, the melancholy lyric. Another one of our favorites, “John Mayer Songs” showcases clever wordplay too. The singer drops John Mayer song titles throughout the expressive new song.

Webster continues to convey her truth through the last two songs on the record, “Not Sayin'” and “Tattoos.” On “Not Sayin,'” the singer explores the beginnings of a possible relationship. Finally, on “Tattoos,” Webster returns home to her quiet, diary-like nature of her major-label debut. Another standout, “Tattoos” is all about her first love and first heartache.

“You were my // first kiss, first love, first drink, first drunk // first pick-up truck where I said that I loved you // First on my skin, where I almost did // Thank god I never went with you // Thank god we never got tattoos // Thank god we never got tattoos”

With her new EP, Chapter 1: Things We’re Not Saying, Webster secures her spot as this generation’s relatable queen. Much like Taylor Swift’s hold on millennials, Webster has the ability to do the same thing with her honest and relatable lyrics. This EP is only just the beginning for the future superstar.

Georgia Webster – Chapter 1: Things We’re Not Saying EP Tracklist:

  1. I Hate Phone Calls (Long Distance Sucks)
  2. Risk feat. Jonathan Hutcherson
  3. X’s
  4. John Mayer Songs
  5. Not Sayin’
  6. Tattoos

Georgia Webster’s new ep, ‘Chapter 1: Things We’re Not Saying’ is out now.

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