Lily Rose Announces New EP + Shares Two Brand New Songs

Lily Rose announces brand new EP, Runnin’ Outta Time,’ out May 10th in conjunction with two brand new songs, out today, March 22nd. Listen to the brand new tracks below.

Fans of Lily Rose are in for a real treat. The singer-songwriter is has a brand new project, coming out on May 10th. Her EP, Runnin’ Outta Time will feature six brand new songs for fans to fall in love with. Today, Rose is giving a sneak peak of her record with two new songs that show off the flavor of the upcoming EP. “Parking Lot” and “True North” are officially out now.

“Parking Lot” personifies nostalgia. The song is all about all the experiences we go through in the most obscure place, a parking lot. Feeling like a canon event for all of us, most people have had a life-changing or pivotal experience in a parking lot, whether it be a first kiss, a first beer or a heartbreaking phone call. The symbolism of the song’s lyrics is on full display through the entire song.

About a first beer // That first kiss that first broken heart // That fight that you finished but you didn’t start // Living outside the lines parked in ‘em // Tailgate down in some faded blue denim // It’s smoking week, feed IDs, and country blue lights // It’s halftime fifth tipped to the sky Friday nights // Don’t matter where you been or where you’re from or what you got // There ain’t no denying // There’s something ‘bout a parking lot”

With “True North,” Rose leans into the nostalgic reliability again; however, this song feels a bit more close to home to the singer. On the song, the songstress shares with fans the places that she calls home and the places that provide her with peace and clarity when she is needing a moment to herself. While Rose’s true north might not be our true north, it is easy to relate to the concept of this catchy, yet special track.

“To the Chattahoochee River running underneath the pines // Sweet perfume off a honeysuckle vine // Corner Georgia dive ya’ll come back on the door // My stuck in time, my true north // Springsteen sweet tea and a red letter page // All call may name when I lose my way // When I need to see the light // on my mama’s front porch // I head down sound // to my true north”

Rose is a master at creating nostalgic music that is both relatable and personal. It is hard not to like every one of her releases. Definitely add “Parking Lot” and “True North” to your playlists!


Lily Rose shares two new songs off her upcoming EP, ‘Runnin’ Outta Time,’ out May 10th.

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