Spotify Premieres Brand New Podcast Series, ‘Spotify: Discover This’

Spotify premiered a brand new podcast series called ‘Spotify: Discover This’ featuring fresh insights on music and much more.

Kicking off the series, Spotify dives into none other than the evolution of country music. The new podcast starts the conversation around the changes in country music, the new sounds, and the incredible dynamics in country music today. On this episode, rising artist BRELAND sits down with three engaging female country artists in the industry: Lauren Alaina, Lily Rose, and Shania Twain.

Throughout the episode, the guests discuss the evolution of women in country music, the nostalgia behind certain 90s tunes, and much more. All three women voiced the idea that women need to be treated equally and fairly in the industry, a concept that BRELAND agreed with. A notable moment in the episode, newcomer and rising star, Lily Rose, shared how the strive for equality in music has led to more diversity in country music, including diversity in race and sexual orientation.

The Spotify: Discover This podcast can be listened to for free exclusively on Spotify! Check out the episode below.

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