Our Favorite Viral Country Songs from TikTok

TikTok is full of talented budding artists with millions of followers. Lately, we have noticed that many country songs have gone viral just before their release. Check out a few of our favorites below and let us know how your list matches up with ours.

“Villain”- Lily Rose

“You can be the hero, I can take the fall / If that’s how your story goes, say it’s all my fault / Whatever helps you sleep at night / Yeah, you can make me the bad guy”

Named one of our 2021 Artists to Watch, Lily Rose rose to stardom on TikTok, building a community of loyal fans almost instantly. Staying true to herself and her personal story, “Villain” is the perfect introduction to Rose’s budding talent. The new soulful tune is the perfect track for anyone that is feeling like the “bad guy” after a break-up.

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“Jealous Of The Sky”- Ashley Cooke

“You can shine all the time like it’s just another day / Let the rain out when you feel like you wanna cry / Now you get to say hello while I gotta say goodbye / I’m jealous of the sky”

Ashley Cooke rose to fame on TikTok over quarantine, and there’s clearly no stopping her. She just released her new heartfelt song, Sunday Morning Kinda Saturday Night,” but it was “Jealous Of The Sky” that captured our hearts first. Written in remembrance for her best friend that passed away from his battle with cancer, the touching tune is a song that really puts Cooke on the map for her vocals and her songwriting.

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“Better Than You’re Used To”- Tyler Rich

“He don’t take you dancing, he don’t understand / What he’s got, but baby I do / You need someone to love, love, love you / Better than you’re used to”

Although already an established country artist, Tyler Rich utilized social media, especially TikTok to his benefit. After writing the demo of “Better Than You’re Used To,” he shared it with his followers, and his fans instantly took to it. With no real plans to release it, Rich quickly changed his mind and released the song at the perfect time just before Valentine’s Day. We hope it becomes a hit for the singer-songwriter!

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“Just About Over You”- Priscilla Block

“Guess I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time / You must’ve heard I was moving on / Then right out of the blue / A quarter past two, I’m all about you / When I was just about, just about over you”

Priscilla Block is undoubtedly one of our new favorite songstresses’ in county music. With a sassy attitude, killer songwriting, and honesty for days, how could you not fall in love with her?! Although she has many songs that have gone viral on TikTok, “Just About Over You” is a clear standout.

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“She Broke My Heart”- Noah Schnacky

“Cause I wouldn’t have been riding solo / Friday night at the house of blues / And I wind’ the ben there to accidentally spill my drink on you / You wouldn’t have laughed at how I dance”

TikTok has a ton of artists that are both newcomers and established artists in the field. Noah Schnacky is a rising artist, who has gained a lot of success with his TikTok page. He continues to utilize it to share new releases and demos with his fans. Most recently, he has been sharing “She Broke My Heart,” and it is both a viral hit and an absolute smash!

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How does our list of favorite viral TikTok country songs match up to yours? Let us know in the comments.

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