Zach Bryan: ‘Summertime Blues’ – EP Review

Zach Bryan releases his new EP, Summertime Blues, out now, July 15th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new project below and check out our full review.

Zach Bryan is taking the country music world by storm. Just two months ago, the singer-songwriter released his debut album, filled with 34 songs. One would think that Bryan is done cranking out music for right now, but that’s wrong! The singer is back with a brand new project entitled Summertime Blues, showcasing that he was made to do this.

Although referenced as an EP, the project has nine songs for music lovers to enjoy, all written by Bryan. Beginning with “Quittin’ Time,” Bryan leans into his traditional country sound. The folky tune has both an enticing sound and foot-stomping melody. The same mood is evident on his song, “Us Then,” which comes later on in the project. On “Motorcycle Drive By,” the singer professes all the emotions associated with being a country boy.

“It’s a motorocycle drive-by, baby drive your kind eyes // I think it’s about time we headed home // Walking on such tight ripe, with my damn high hopes, // Country boys don’t die alone // Reading poetry under shade trees // That woman she’s my baby, and I will be in Richmond by tonight”

The folk-heavy sound continues on the title track, arguably one of the best on the project. On “Summertime Blues,” Bryan’s emotive, yet impactful voice shines. The honesty that this song evokes is unparalleled. The song will take country lovers to a new dimension, but we believe that fans of artists like Mumford and Sons will also resonate with this one-of-a-kind track.

Bryan continues to showcase his talent on the next two tracks, “Oklahoma Smoke Show,” and “Jamie.” On the former, Bryan tells the story of a girl, who is just trying to live her life; despite hardship. The song is storytelling at its finest. If “Oklahoma Smoke Show’ is a story of a lost girl, “Jamie” is the sequel. The six-verse song appears to continue the story of a girl, who is just trying to figure it out and a man who misses her. Listen to the story unfold through each meaningful verse and supportive chorus.

Next up, “Twenty So” is a quiet masterpiece on the already impressive project. Written by Bryan, the track reads as a journal entry. Leaning on his faith and his experience in the military, the singer has clearly thought a lot about the meaning of life.

“When the day is done // And those neon lights call you home // You’ll be begging for a savior // To let you savor, // The saved times of Twenty-So // When the night is through // And those American girls are headed home // You’ll be begging of your savior // To let you save her, / From the sweet nights of Twenty-So”

On “Matt and Audie,” Bryan tells another heartfelt story. The story, about a couple, seems to be the country version of Bonnie and Clyde. Despite the impact the story has, Bryan returns to a pensive song on the final track of the project. “All The Time” is a love song and heartbreak song all mixed together. Another one of our favorites, the song showcases the singer in the best life.

Overall, Summertime Blues EP is another incredible project by Bryan. There is no one quite like him in the genre, and that’s a good thing! If you have not yet listened to Bryan, now is the time!

Summertime Blues EP Tracklist:

  1. “Quittin’ Time”
  2. “Motorcycle Drive By”
  3. “Summertime Blues”
  4. “Oklahoma Smoke Show”
  5. “Jamie”
  6. “Twenty So”
  7. “Us Then”
  8. “Matt and Audie”
  9. “All the Time”

Zach Bryan’s new EP, ‘Summertime Blues’ is out now.

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