Here Is Zach Bryan’s Debut Album: ‘American Heartbreak’

Zach Bryan’s debut album, American Heartbreakis out now, May 20th on all streaming platforms. Check out the details and listen to the brand new music below.

Zach Bryan’s highly-anticipated debut album is officially here! The 34-track masterpiece, American Heartbreak is slated to be one of the best records of the year. Each of the tracks showcase a different side of Bryan’s talent, proving just how incredible of a singer and songwriter he truly is.

According to Bryan on social media, “I’d say true love rips your heart out and puts it back together all in the same sentence or song. Here’s an album I wrote with pain, laughter, humility, love and honesty. I didn’t call it American Heartbreak after a tacky love story, but because we all face trials every day and put ourselves back together every single time regardless. Whether in relationships or jobs, our families, our dreams or our let downs, I just wrote the whole thing praying someone just might relate to a story or two.” We think that pretty much personifies the debut record!

Listen to the brand new album below.

American Heartbreak Track List

  1. “Morning Time”
  2. “Something in the Orange”
  3. “Heavy Eyes”
  4. “Mine Again”
  5. “Happy Instead”
  6. “Right Now the Best”
  7. “The Outskirts”
  8. “Younger Years”
  9. “Cold Damn Vampires”
  10. “Tishomingo”
  11. “She’s Alright”
  12. “You Are My Sunshine”
  13. “Darling”
  14. “Ninth Cloud”
  15. “Oklahoma City”
  16. “Sun To Me”
  17. “Highway Boys”
  18. “Whiskey Fever”
  19. “Billy Stay
  20. “Sober Side of Sorry”
  21. “High Beams”
  22. “The Good I’ll Do”
  23. “Someday (Maggie’s)”
  24. “Poems and Closing Time”
  25. “From Austin”
  26. “If She Wants a Cowboy”
  27. “Corinthians (Proctor’s)”
  28. “Open the Gate”
  29. “Half Grown”
  30. “No Cure”
  31. “’68 Fastback”
  32. “Blue
  33. “Waterwell”
  34. “This Road I Know”


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American Heartbreak is available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released tunes on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.