Track45: ‘Grew Up On’ – EP Review

Track45 shares their brand new EP, Grew Up On, out now, July 14th on all streaming platforms.  Listen to the new EP now.

Incredibly talented, family-trio, Track45 are sharing their brand new EP today. Since jumping into the music scene, Track45 have created a sound that is all their own, featuring killer harmonies and relatable lyrics. Their brand new EP, Grew Up On is a true extension of that.

The project features six songs including their recent single releases, “Family,” “Hate Me”, and “Last Man In Tennessee.” While “Family” is a heartfelt song about friends who turn into family, “Hate Me” and “Last Man In Tennessee” are both heartbreak anthems in their own right. On, “Hate Me,” the trio lean into all the feelings associated with a situation-ship; however, “Last Man In Tennessee,” is all about regaining your power after a break-up.

On the brand new songs, Track45 lean into different parts of their hearts and rising talents. The record’s opening song, “Drinkin and Thinkin” features similar vibes to “Hate Me,” as they sing about the effects of heartbreak and everything in between. Similarly on “PCH,” Track45 leans into the storytelling aspect of their songwriting. The song feels nostalgic and introspective.

Finally, our favorite song on the project, the title track, “Grew Up On,” speaks to everything the trio are about. The song is a true expression of love for the life they have lived so far. It feels nostalgic, relatable, and incredibly authentic. With the core message being, ‘Cause you never outgrow what you grew up on,’ Track45 shares exactly why they make country music – it was a true part of their upbringing.

Grew Up On is an incredible EP by Track45. The record showcases everything we have grown to love from the talented trio. This is only the beginning.

Grew Up On EP Track List:

  1. Drinkin and Thinkin
  2. Grew Up On
  3. Last Man In Tennessee
  4. Hate Me
  5. PCH
  6. Family

Track45 shares their brand new EP, ‘Grew Up On,’ out now on all streaming platforms.

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