Track45 Drop New Rendition of Their Single “Family”

Track45’s brand new single, “Family” is out now, October 21st, on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand-new track below.

Sibling trio, Track45 are back with a brand new song, with a twist. Written by the trio with Billy Man, their new song, “Family” was originally released by David Guetta. After the song achieved viral success, Track45 decided to release their rendition of the touching and heartfelt song, out today.

As soon as the song starts, you are met with an incredible harmony, something Track45 is known for. The beautiful way their voices work together is both astonishing and breathtaking. “Family” is a heartfelt song about friends that become family and small-town values that are embedded into every relationship.

“I don’t got friends, I got family // At the end of the day that’s all I need // and you know, it’s what you’ll always be, no matter how long it’s been // No, I don’t got friends // You might have a different mama than me, you might of grown up in some different state lines // You might root for different home team // But I ain’t never wonder if you’re on my side // So let’s make a toast to the good stuff”

“Family” is an endearing song about your chosen family. Anyone can relate to it! Track45 does an amazing job drawing the listener in, while we all hang on to their every word. This may be our favorite release from them thus far!


Track45’s newest single, “Family” is out now on all streaming platforms.

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