Tyler Farr: ‘Rednecks Like Me’ EP Review

Tyler Farr shares brand new EP, Rednecks Like Me, out now, July 14th on all streaming platforms.  Listen to the new EP now.

Platinum-selling country artist, Tyler Farr is officially back with brand new music. Today, the singer-songwriter releases his brand new EP, Rednecks Like Me, featuring six songs that feel distinctly Tyler Farr.

“This is the first project I’ve co-wrote all the songs on, so this is a big step in my career for me,” shared the rising artist in a recent press release. “I’m so proud of this album and hope fans will really get a chance to hear what I’m all about.”

The record kicks off with summer-ready single, the title-track. “Rednecks Like Me” is a song that reminds us all to celebrate being American, our roots, and those who serve our country each and every day. Farr using the term “rednecks” to describe all who are patriotic, no matter where they reside. A more rugged version of a blue-collar anthem is also evident on the only collaboration on the project, “Country As Shit,” featuring Jelly Roll.

Farr continues to celebrate country-living throughout the record. On “Tell You ‘Bout That,” the singer leans all the way in. While the song is full of country staples like backroads, hunting, shooting, cold beer, and fishing, Farr finds a way to breathe new life into the topics. It is clear the singer actually lived the life.

On “Questions,” the rising artist showcases his softer side. Reminiscent of his hit single, “A Guy Walks Into a Bar,” “Questions” is an incredible storytelling song. Seemingly inspired by his role as a father, Farr pours his heart into this beautiful track, singing about all the questions his daughter may ask one day about his imperfect path.

Another standout track on the record is “Silverado Gold.” Written by the singer with Blake Bollinger, Nate Kenyon, and Katie Noel, the artist leans back into nostalgia. The song feels anthemic and nostalgic, two qualities that country music often boasts.

Farr continues the honesty with quite possibly our favorite song on the record, “First Rodeo.” The song expresses a new perspective on a break-up. While the protagonist has dealt with a break-up many times before, it is clear that there is no space for graveling, games or apologies with the demise of this relationship. The notion is evident with the lyric, “Save your games and your sorries, believe me I already know. Girl, I ain’t no damn cowboy, but this ain’t my first rodeo.”

Overall, the Rednecks Like Me EP is everything fans could want from Farr. It is clear he knows exactly who he is as an artist, and each of the six songs are the perfect re-introduction to his music and talent.

Rednecks Like Me EP Track List:

  1. Rednecks Like Me — Tyler Farr, Brian Davis, Vicky McGehee, Andy Sheridan
  2. Tell You ‘Bout That — Tyler Farr, Thomas Archer, Lalo Guzman, Michael Tyler
  3. Questions — Tyler Farr, Vicky McGehee, Josh Mirenda, Andy Sheridan
  4. Silverado Gold — Tyler Farr, Blake Bollinger, Nate Kenyon, Katie Noel
  5. First Rodeo — Tyler Farr, George Birge, Lalo Guzman, Michael Tyler
  6. Country As Shit (feat. Jelly Roll) — Tyler Farr, Jason DeFord, Vicky Mcgehee, Josh Mirenda, Andy Sheridan

Tyler Farr shares brand new EP, ‘Rednecks Like Me,’ out now on all streaming platforms.

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Rednecks Like Me is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.