TRACK45: ‘Big Dreams’ – EP Review

Track45’s sophomore EP Big Dreams is today, February 26th and features previously released tracks in debut project Small Town such as “Come On In” and “Met Me Now”. Take a look below as we dig a little deeper into the project.
Track45's new EP, 'Big Dreams' is available everywhere now, February 26th

Track45’s new EP, ‘Big Dreams’ is available everywhere now, February 26th

Track45, a trio and family band from Mississippi who introduced themselves with three tracks in the fall, are back with more. Made up by Ben Johnson, KK Johnson, and Jenna Johnson, these artists are keeping up the momentum with a second collection titled Big Dreams which includes the previously released tracks as well as two more productions.

The 5-track EP marks the start of new music while, at the same time, comes directly following a six-week radio tour. Furthermore, the single “Met Me Now” that has attained nearly 675,000 streams on Spotify after just four months is set to hit U.S. country radio airwaves next week.

“Little Bit More”, the only stand-alone, original song off this Track45 release with songwriting contribution from all members in addition to American singer-songwriter Audra Mae, highlights their contagious energy. As described, their personal experiences both as a family and individually mixed with adventurous yet deliberate decisions in the studio are eloquently captivated. The intricate entanglement of vocals can only be explicitly compared to the dynamic vivacity and stunning exuberance of a Coca-Cola. Perhaps it’s the filled-to-the-brim talent in each act that creates this overwhelming sense of carbonation after hearing vocals bounce off and flatter one other.

On the contrary, country roots are planted through a cover of Dolly Parton’s “Light of a Clear Blue Morning”, which marks the second and final new production of Big Dreams. The raspy, youthful approach of the graceful and affectionate “Jolene” musical icon implements a different shade of color to paint over the words originated and first heard in 1977. Similar to “Little Bit More” Track45 chooses a lively, infectious shade to reinvent and cover the sturdy framework with a fresh layer of paint without reconstructing its bones.

Big Dreams marks phase two of the introductory projects from Track45’s with a continuation of refreshing voices and overflowing creativity.

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