Ian Munsick: ‘Coyote Cry’ – Album Review

Ian Munsick’s brand new album Coyote Cry is available now, February 26th, everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a look below as we dig a little deeper into the project.

Ian Munsick's new album, 'Coyote Cry' is available everywhere now, February 26th

Ian Munsick’s new album, ‘Coyote Cry’ is available everywhere now, February 26th

Ian Munsick, who formerly released a self-titled EP in 2017 and won iHeartRadio’s Rocky Mountain Song of the Year with “Horses Are Faster”, has signed with Warner Music. After a tumultuous, active year releasing six tracks that are now featured on today’s LP Coyote Cry, listeners are given the full-length story with four additional productions.

“Solo”, which preluded this project and acted as the first song to mark a new musical journey for Munsick, acts as a reminder of Jason Derulo’s famous 2010 hit “Ridin’ Solo”. This transformative, renowned time in history that marked the end of those middle school relationships along with the immediate change of a relationship status on Facebook will forever be held dear. Though, the country twangy-rasp that swarms through this modern-day story brings dixie cups and shotgun ridin’ to the table in an unexpected yet incredibly genre-permitting way.

“She got me ridin’ solo / Down here at the bar drinkin’ all alone / Sippin’ from a Dixie, wishin’ it would fix me / Had me on a high like Colorado / Now she got me ridin’ solo”

While “Solo” showcases the drinking-heartbreak-away storytelling aspect of country music from this Wyoming-born and raised musician, “Mountain Time” seeps lyrical creativity and good, old-fashioned lightheartedness to the mix. The echo involvement creates a back-and-forth interaction between the singer himself and accompanying instruments, suggesting a successful delivery on a production-conscious process. At the same time, old country hee-haw sensations are modernized as if Munsick was intentionally giving the genre a nicely wrapped present to the past.

“It don’t matter where I go / I always find my way back home / After all, my heart belongs to you (You) / I’ve been near and I’ve been far / But there’s nowhere like where you are / Hey, honey, it’s about time / To settle on down in Mountain Time / (Ya-hi, ya-hi-i-hi) / (Ya-hi, ya-hi-i-hi)”

This release is not a traditional, formal introduction from an aspiring, upcoming Nashville-based act. Munsick, a newly signed artist, seemingly raises awareness to his musical icons by spinning classics to fit his style whether these renditions originate from pop, R&B or rock. “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac is put under a microscope and transformed in a way that is familiar yet nearly unrecognizable over a male vocal. The production is loosely engrained with pop-country elements while still remaining true to its historical leverage.

Coyote Cry is a soundtrack for the modern western lifestyle,” Munsick said in a press release. “A firm handshake between cowboy and hippy, traditional and contemporary and everything in between.”

One of the brand new features, “Like It Ain’t”, could be considered the epitome of what we can expect from Munsick. An original track with musical contribution unguarded from genre limitations while maintaining singer-songwriter, southern accolades, and finger-snapping, tender notes.

Raised in the mountains of Wyoming, there’s no doubt that this new artist with Warner Music will incorporate a refreshing sense of artistry and perspective to the country music scene. “It’s the life I’ve lived so far and the lessons I’ve learned along the way. No matter who you are, I think you’ll find a piece of yourself in there and maybe even lose yourself to the howling in the hills.”

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Coyote Cry is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.