Tim McGraw Releases Ultimate Edition of #1 Album ‘Here on Earth’

Tim McGraw just released two digital deluxe versions of his #1 album Here on Earth (Ultimate Edition) and Here on Earth (Video Edition), both available today, Friday, April 16th. Take a look below as we dig a little deeper into the new music.

Tim McGraw's Here On Earth (Ultimate Edition) is out now, April 16th

Tim McGraw’s Here On Earth (Ultimate Edition) is out now, April 16th

McGraw surprised fans with the announcement of these two deluxe albums and the release of his new single, “God Moves the Pen”, only days before the albums dropped, hardly making country music lovers wait until they had new music and videos from the three-time GRAMMY winner.  

The extended album, out today, includes 30 tracks total, 16 of which are the original tracklist off the #1 album, which includes songs like “I Called Mama” and the title track. The next 8 songs are a mix of previously released songs from McGraw including, “Undivided” with Tyler Hubbard, “Neon Church”, “Thought About You”, and his latest single “God Moves the Pen”. As well as new songs like fan favorite, “Cuttin’ Onions”, “Truth Is”, and two bonus movie tracks: “Keep Your Eyes on Me” with Faith Hill from the 2017 film The Shack and “Gravity” from the 2018 documentary Free Solo. The final six tracks are video versions of “Here on Earth”, “I Called Mama”, “Gravy”, “Undivided”, “Thought About You”, and “Neon Church”. McGraw had already released a lyric video for each of the 16 songs on the original version of the album. 

This massive collection of songs marks its own era of music from McGraw which is what made him want them all to be included together in its own project. He shared that “Neon Church” started a new chapter, and he wanted to make sure it was included in the full story of Here on Earth

Earlier this week, McGraw spoke on his connection to one of the new songs off the record “Cuttin’ Onions”, a song written by brothers Brad Warren and Brett Warren with Monty Criswell. McGraw shared: “Cuttin’ Onions…hit me pretty close to home, growing up. It reminded me a lot of my childhood and the way I grew up in some certain circumstances. So it just put me right into the position of those memories and that life that I had growing up that wasn’t the best sometimes. So that’s what it did to me… I can visually picture it. I mean I could picture the house. I could picture the windows open and the curtains blowing out of the windows. I could picture all of it happening. It was just to me, it was just so vivid. For one thing, there was some inner emotional connection that I had to it with my life but also, it was just so visceral and visual to me that I couldn’t, I just couldn’t get it out of my head.” See the behind the scenes clip and interview here.  

“Sunday mornin’, my best shirt // Crockpot’s on for dinner after church // Dad was baptized by Lynchburg // Mama’d always beg him to come with us // Crying cuttin’ onions in the kitchen

Another brand new song off the album, “Truth Is” is about not wanting to face the truth about a relationship that’s come to an end so you just avoid seeing the people that are going to make you talk about it. Similar to other heartbreak songs off the album like “7500 OBO”, “Not From California”, and “If I Was a Cowboy”, “Truth Is” is about doing what you can to forget what was or what could have been and struggling to face what you’re going through. 

“I don’t wanna go, where everybody knows your name // So I just stay at home, many more these days // ‘Cause every time I leave the house I hear somebody asking about you and I just can’t bring myself to tell the truth about it so I tell a lie // Say you’re doing pretty good and things are going like they should and when I get back home tonight I’m gonna tell you that they sad to tell you ‘hi’”

“Keep Your Eyes on Me” and “Gravity” are both songs that McGraw co-wrote. “Keep Your Eyes on Me” is the first song he and Faith Hill wrote together with Lori McKenna, which McGraw and Hill performed together in the 2017 film The Shack, which McGraw also starred in. The superstar shared that “Gravity” was the third song he’d ever written for a film, also with Lori McKenna, and that he knew he wanted it to be included on a project down the line. If you’ve ever seen Free Solo or know the incredible story of Alex Holland, then you know the immense weight this song holds in being the one that closes out the film.

“Keep your eyes on me // When you’re lost in the dark // Keep your eyes on me // When the light in your heart is too burnt out to see // Keep your eyes on me // Swear you’re all alone sometimes // Keep your eyes on me // And you can’t find your way home sometimes // Keep your eyes on me”

On June 12th, there will be a special edition 12” vinyl available for Record Store Day that will have “Undivided”, on one side, and an acoustic version of “I Called Mama” on the other. These two songs are incredible representatives of not only McGraw’s current career but of how he is releasing important music at an essential time.

“Undivided” was released at a crucial moment for our country, and just in time for the Presidential Inauguration in January where McGraw and Hubbard performed the song live for the first time together. They have also released a director’s cut version of the song’s music video since then. “I Called Mama”, now out for almost a year, continues to act as a reminder of the importance of home and human connection even in the toughest of times.

HERE ON EARTH Ultimate Edition Track List
*indicates video featured on HERE ON EARTH Ultimate Video Edition 

  1. LA
  2. Chevy
  3. Here on Earth*
  4. Damn Sure Do
  5. Hallelujahville
  6. Good Taste In Women
  7. Hard to Stay Mad At
  8. Sheryl Crow
  9. Not From California
  10. Hold You Tonight
  11. 7500 OBO
  12. If I Was A Cowboy
  13. I Called Mama*
  14. Gravy*
  15. War of Art
  16. Doggone
  17. Undivided / Tim McGraw & Tyler Hubbard*
  18. Thought About You*
  19. Neon Church*
  20. Cuttin’ Onions
  21. Truth Is 
  22. God Moves the Pen   

Bonus Movie Tracks

  1. Keep Your Eyes on Me / Tim McGraw & Faith Hill from feature film The Shack
  2. 24. Gravity from Academy Award ® winning documentary “Free Solo”

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