Tim McGraw & Tyler Hubbard Join Together For Meaningful Song, “Undivided”

Tim McGraw and Tyler Hubbard’s new song “Undivided” is out today, January 13th, along with an official behind-the-scenes music video of the two artists in the studio. Check it out below and read on for more as we dive a little deeper into the new track.

“Undivided” is a collaborative track from the two country superstars and includes a message that tackles social issues and a need for change. The song marks Hubbard’s first solo song separate from his Florida Georgia Line partner, Brian Kelley. The duo recently announced that the two will be releasing solo music this upcoming year. However, FGL fans have nothing to worry about as this is not news that the duo is going their separate ways permanently.

In fact, the duo’s fifth album, Life Rolls On, is arriving next month. The 16-track album already has eight released songs, including most recently, “New Truckwhich was released last week. If anything, this news just means even more music from the voices that we already love. The two have simply used some unexpected time off to their advantage by continuing to write music and using the success they’ve had as a duo as an opportunity to experience solo music as well, and “Undivided” is just the start.

Undivided Tim McGraw Tyler Hubbard

Tyler Hubbard and Tim McGraw’s Collaborative New Song “Undivided” is available now

This is actually not the first time Hubbard and McGraw have collaborated on a song before. In 2016, McGraw was featured on Florida Georgia Line’s “May We All”, which included an up-scale extended music video described as a ‘mini-movie’ that the three acted in. The single has since gone 3X Platinum and was included on the duo’s Dig Your Roots album.

Hubbard co-wrote “Undivided” with Chris Loocke while quarantined on his tour bus a few weeks back. (Check here for more on that story and some other songs Hubbard wrote on his bus). Hubbard says about the new song, “I knew immediately when I finished it, I had to text it to Tim. He has a way of communicating with the world that is unique in music”.

It makes sense why the “Humble and Kind” singer would connect with this song so much. McGraw has said before that that is one of his favorite songs to perform, and that it is one that he has often gone back to throughout tough times, especially this year. He explains that “Music gives us hope and brings us together in a way nothing else can. This doesn’t mean we don’t have work to do. Quite the opposite”. Once McGraw heard what Hubbard had sent him, he knew he wanted to be a part of this special song. He shared, “I loved the positivity of this song and that it called me to check myself and to remember that love is bigger. It’s why I knew this song had to be my next single with Tyler as soon as he sent it to me.” McGraw enjoyed singing and sharing this song with Hubbard so much that he has included it on the deluxe version of his album Here On Earth. The #1 album was originally released in August of 2020 and the deluxe version is slated for release in April 2021. 

There is no question that the state of our country and the events of this past year were weighing heavy on Hubbard’s mind when he wrote this song. Since “Undivided” was in fact a by-product of Hubbard’s tour bus quarantine writing, he had plenty of time to do some soul searching. Hubbard was examining his own ability to judge too quickly, but rather than writing a somber song that would feel sadly relatable in this time, he instead turned those same thoughts and emotions into a song of hope and faith. 

The song starts off with a realization that so much in this world is based on predetermined notions. A story of a kid who isn’t accepted for who they are demonstrates how so many assumptions and misconceptions are just people and their judgments being set in their ways, without room for further consideration or thought.

“In the seventh grade you either fit right in or you don’t fit / that’s just the cold hard truth”

It’s one thing to recognize this, and another to be determined for it to change. This story builds to be a metaphor of everything having to be divided into either one thing or another – black or white, church or hell, left or right, yes or no – with no option for anything in between or something entirely different. They’re showing us that not everything in society has to be one or the other and something being one way doesn’t have to create such a strong split among us.

“When we gonna learn to try on someone’s shoes sometimes / when we gonna see from someone else’s eyes”

We’re living in some tough times right now, but it’s songs like these and meaningful songwriting like Tyler Hubbard’s that helps get us through and makes us believe we won’t be in them forever. He realizes the importance of believing in the positive and being hopeful that change is coming and portrays those beliefs in his music.

“I think it’s time to come together, you and I can make a change / maybe we can make a difference, make the world a better place / look around and love somebody, we’ve been hateful long enough / let the good Lord reunite us til this country that we love is undivided” 

For Florida Georgia Line, the duo released two songs recently with their good friends Nelly, “Lil Bit and Russell Dickerson, “It’s About Time” which is also on Dickerson’s new album, Southern Symphony.

In November, McGraw released a Greatest Hits Album, including hits from 2013-2019.

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“Undivided” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.





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