Thomas Rhett Asks Fans, “What’s Your Country Song?”

Thomas Rhett What's Your Country Song

Throughout quarantine, Thomas Rhett has invited fans inside his home and given the treat of brand new music that shows an intimate look into his personal life. The country star is known for singing about real high and low points in life, whether it be romantically, with starting a family or relating to his career. This has established him as an extremely relatable artist. Through his first IGTV release “What’s Your Country Song” the singer continues to use songwriting to help him through phases of life.

“What’s Your Country Song” contains every element to be an instant classic. This song acknowledges the power of music to guide one through life and provide an emotional connection. Ultimately, pinning the idea that each person can identify a specific “country song” that transports them back to a certain moment in time and carries significant meaning. We featured each of our writers and the songs that turned them into country fans, check it out here.

Nearly each and every line in this song namechecks special lyrics and titles from country songs that we as fans have personal relationships too, whether contemporary or legendary classics. These clever and meaningful lyrics along with the calming acoustic guitar picking pattern that Rhett plays while on camera culminates in an impactful song.


In the first verse, the singer-songwriter playfully sings of common country clichés that evoke feelings of freedom and carefree fun, “Did you cruise down a back road / with your Dixieland Delight / Are you on the Chattahoochee, On a barefoot blue jean night”.

He artfully weaves in these well-known song titles into the lyrics, making for an especially engaging and memorable song. When it comes to the chorus, Rhett is soulful in the way he ties together the song’s meaning as a whole: “Everybody got a small town anthem / Everybody got a story to tell / Everybody got a hallelujah / Everybody been through a little hell / When you’re rolling down a little two lane highway / And you turn your radio on / Tell me which one hits you baby / Yeah what’s your country song”.

During this special moment, he sings about everyone having their own struggles and life stories, and that country music is a constant that helps carry people through. This chorus leads the listeners to reflect on songs that have been alongside them during moments in their lives, both on an everyday level and during pivotal life happenings.

The Nashville fan-favorite even takes us back to the 1980s for a particularly clever lyrical spin from Barbara Mandrell’s legendary hit “I Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool”, “Are you already country / back when country wasn’t cool”.

Listening to this song is like a scavenger hunt, and with each play there are new creative lyrical references to pick up on. The singer’s acoustic song releases through IGTV have been a welcome surprise to help fans through these tough times. We hope that this track and the others that Rhett has posted will soon be released, whether as acoustic versions or featured on his upcoming studio album.

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