Here Are All of Thomas Rhett’s Number One Songs

Here are all of Thomas Rhett’s number one singles in his music catalog. Thomas Rhett has racked up 21 number one singles beginning with his first one in 2013 with “It Goes Like This” to his most recent with “Country Again” just last month. Rhett has hit songs of each of his five studio albums. Check out the full list below.

1.It Goes Like This”- It Goes Like This, 2013

“It Goes Like This” was the title track of Rhett’s first studio album in 2013 and became his first studio album and rightly became his first number one single. It introduced fans to his unique style of country stories with a pop-twist and made us fall in love with his storytelling before we even knew about the girl behind the songs. The song was co-written by Rhett’s father Rhett Akins, Ben Hayslip, and Jimmy Robbins.


2.“Get Me Some of That”- It Goes Like This, 2013

“Get Me Some of That” was another song off of Rhett’s debut album, It Goes Like This. It was written by Akins, Cole Swindell, and Michael Carter.


3. “Make Me Wanna”- It Goes Like This, 2014

“Make Me Wanna,” co-written by Rhett, Bart Butler, and Larry McCoy, marks the third and last number one to come from Rhett’s debut album and the first number one that Rhett co-wrote. What a start!


4. “Crash and Burn”- Tangled Up, 2015

“Crash and Burn” would be one of four number ones to come from Rhett’s second studio album, Tangled Up, released two years after his first album. The song was co-written by Jesse Frasure and Chris Stapleton. 


5. “Die A Happy Man”- Tangled Up, 2015

“Die A Happy Man” is the song that changed everything for Rhett. In 2016, he received his first ACM and CMA Award for the song – Single Record of the Year (ACM) and Song of the Year (CMA). In 2017 he would also win ACM for Song of the Year for “Die A Happy Man”. All for ‘a little song about holding her hand’ as he would peg it in his future single “Life Changes” a couple years later. The song was co-written by Rhett, Joe London, and Sean Douglas. 


6. “T-Shirt”- Tangled Up, 2016

“T-Shirt” would follow “Die A Happy Man” as Rhett entered a new era of success – one in which fans didn’t just love hearing his songs, but they loved hearing the songs he’d sing about his wife, Lauren Akins. “Vacation” was right up there with these two songs, but peaked at #2 on the charts, falling short of reaching number 1.  “T-Shirt” was written by Ashley Gorley, Luke Laird, and Shane McAnally.


7. “Star of the Show”- Tangled Up, 2016

“Star of the Show” solidified the theory that fans loved to hear love songs about Rhett and his wife, making it the fourth No.1 off his sophomore album, and the third of which was written about her. “Star of the Show” was co-written by Rhett, Akins, and Ben Hayslip. 


8. “Craving You” Feat. Maren Morris-  Life Changes, 2017

“Craving You” was the first of five number ones to come from Rhett’s third studio album. Written by Dave Barnes and Julian Bunetta‎, the duet with incredible vocalist Maren Morris was a huge hit for both artists and across multiple genres. 


9. “Unforgettable”- Life Changes, 2017

“Unforgettable” was the second number one off of Rhett’s 2017 album, Life Changes. It was written by Rhett, Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley, and Shane McAnally. 


10. “Marry Me”- Life Changes, 2017

“Marry Me” is a rare, morbidly romantic song for Rhett compared to his upbeat love songs about he and his wife and their story. This rather, is what Rhett could have seen happening if he hadn’t told Lauren that he loved her. “Marry Me” was written by Rhett, Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley and Shane McAnally. 


11. “Life Changes”- Life Changes, 2018

“Life Changes” brought Rhett into yet another era. While he had gotten used to sharing the story of him and his wife aside from your average country tune, this was the most personal song Rhett had released to date. This song really let fans in and since then, his two most recent albums have been even more personal than the prior. “Life Changes” was written by Rhett, Akins, Ashley Gorley and Jesse Frasure.


12. “Sixteen”- Life Changes, 2018

“Sixteen” was relatable to so many listeners as it is a song about being happy with where you are in life, and not wishing you were any older or younger than you are and realizing you are exactly where you are supposed to be. This song marked the fifth and final No. 1 for Rhett’s Life Changes album. It was written by Rhett, Sean Douglas and Joe Spargur


13. “Look What God Gave Her”- Center Point Road, 2019

“Look What God Gave Her” is the first number one off of Rhett’s 2019 album, Center Point Road. It was co-written by Rhett, Akins, Julian Bunetta, Josh Ryan, Jacob Kasher, and Ammar Malik. Rhett also co-produced the song with Dan Huff. 


14. “Remember You Young”- Center Point Road, 2019

“Remember You Young” was co-written by Rhett, Ashley Gorley and Jesse Frasure. It’s a song that resonates with a lot of listeners, as its about remembering all your favorite people in your life in their prime, whatever that may mean to you. 


15. “Beer Can’t Fix” Ft. Jon Pardi- Center Point Road, 2019

“Beer Can’t Fix” was written by Rhett, Julian Bunetta, Ryan Tedder, and Zach Skelton and marks the third and final No. 1 off the Center Point Road project. 


16. “Be A Light” (feat. Reba McEntire, Hillary Scott, Chris Tomlin, and Keith Urban), 2020

“Be A Light” is Rhett’s only number one that is not a part of an album. The song was written by Rhett, Matt Dragstrem, Josh Miller, and Josh Thompson and Rhett invited Reba McEntire, Hillary Scott, Chris Tomlin, and Keith Urban to be on the song with him. The song was a song of the times throughout the pandemic, and was released to help raise funds for MusiCares covid-19 relief efforts. 


17. “What’s Your Country Song”- Country Again: Side A, 2020

“What’s Your Country Song” was co-written by Rhett, Akins, Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley and Parker Welling and the first song he released off his post-quarantine project, Country Again: Side A. One of those ‘songs about songs’, Rhett sings about how everyone has some type of country in them, while slipping in several classic country titles including one by his own Dad and co-writer. 


18. “Country Again”- Country Again: Side A, 2021

“Country Again” is the title track of Rhett’s current project, and the second off the first part of the album. There is still time for more hits from this incredible album! Including a highly anticipated Side B portion of the project. It embodies exactly what Rhett aims to do with this new collection of music and what he spent so much of the pandemic writing about, which is getting back to his roots. The song was written by Rhett, Ashley Gorley, and Zack Crowell. 

19. “Slow Down Summer”- Where We Started, 2022

Rhett secured his 19th number one single with the lead track off his latest album, “Slow Down Summer.” The nostalgic song debuted back in November 2021. According to Rhett, the song depicts a teenage romance that is about to be disrupted by college plans. “‘Slow Down Summer’ really is about two kids in love, a perfect song to root for.

20. “Half Of Me” ft. Riley Green – Where We Started, 2022

Rhett secures his 20th number one single with Riley Green on this collaborative song. Written by Rhett with Will Bundy, Josh Thompson, and Rhett Akins, while on tour, the song is all about wanting a drink more than anything else. Bringing Green as a collaborator on the song upped the ante of the already fun, and stage-ready track.

21. “Angels” – Where We Started, 2023

“Angels” is one of those songs that fans have grown to love from the entertainer. A beautiful song about love, the single is a perfect embodiment of how it feels to be loved unconditionally by a person, despite your flaws. Rhett knocks it out of the park with this song.


As Rhett continues to put out new music, there’s no telling how many future number ones the superstar will add to his growing list.

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