Carly Pearce Performs A Song for busbee, “Show Me Around”

Carly Pearce busbee

Fans of Carly Pearce know that this has been an emotional year for the songstress. She released her self-titled sophomore record earlier this year, featuring songs like “I Hope You’re Happy Now” and “Closer To You,” which normally would be an exciting time for an artist. For Pearce, however, the record was bittersweet as her friend, co-writer, and producer, busbee passed away before it was released. As she did with the record’s release, Pearce is, yet again, honoring busbee’s memory and legacy premiering a live performance of an unreleased song entitled “Show Me Around.”

Just yesterday, Pearce revealed via her social media that she wrote the track for him after he tragically passed away from brain cancer. She stated, “At his funeral, the amazing @thebarrydean wrote the sweetest words & described how he thought busbee was looking at heaven as “Disneyland,” adding, “If you’ve ever lost someone, hopefully, this song will help you find comfort in the fact that maybe our loved ones are up in heaven waiting to show us around.”

“I hope you know you left your mark on this world / I swear I’d give anything on this earth to see your face, but for now I’ll wait”

Pearce debuted the brand new song on Saturday night (6/6) at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Check out the live stream of the song above. She lays her heart out on the line in this touching and heartfelt tribute. “Show Me Around” may be one of the singer-songwriter’s best and most emotive songs to date. The song expresses hoping to meet a loved one again in wherever we go when we pass away.

Pearce does not hold back, fighting through the tough lyrics in this stunning performance of an incredible song. We think busbee would be proud.

“Get to spend forever / Talk about whatever / When I get there promise you’ll track me down / Show me around”

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