Thomas Rhett Reflects on “Things Dads Do” on IGTV

Thomas Rhett released an ode to all of the dad’s in an acoustic song entitled “Things Dads Do.” The singer-songwriter took to Instagram and introduced the song by explaining to his fans that “[he] wrote this song with [his] dad, for [his] dad, and for all dad’s out there”. His father is a well-known Nashville singer-songwriter, Rhett Akins, and this song is a testament to the strong bond that the two share that goes beyond a shared passion for music. The lyrics are reflective and written with an extremely personal level of detail. Yet, like most songs by the artist, this song is universally relatable as it encapsulates the relationship between a father and a child.


The melody follows a beautiful acoustic picking pattern, reminiscent of a lullaby as Rhett reflects on his childhood. The singer-songwriter details the way his father taught him important values, such as hard work, in both a humorous and light-hearted way. He sings, “He’ll make you mow the grass and do it for free / You think you’re done he’ll say rake the leaves / he’ll say it builds character but it’s 90 degrees”

The relatable lyrics depict a typical father-son dynamic full of teaching lessons the difficult way and unconditional love. Recounting more childhood memories, Rhett sings about his formidable years, when he was trying to ‘fit in at school’, “You’ll get embarrassed when he ruins your cool / when he pulls out his camera on your first day of school / that’s just a few things dads do”.

The anecdotal lyrics bring forward feelings of nostalgia and a deep appreciation for the special relationship between a parent and their children, detailing all that they go through together. The master storyteller brings the song full circle through the cycle of life and sings from his own perspective of becoming a dad to three daughters, Willa Gray, 4, Ada James, 2 and Lennon Love, 4 months.

“He’ll say she looks perfect and he’ll shake your hand and say now you’ll understand / Things dads do / You’ll think it’s crazy until you want two”

Rhett closes the song beautifully, relating back to his own experience as a dad.

“You’re in his shoes and you’re starting to / do more than a few of things dads do.”

The singer admits to taking on more than a few tendencies of his own father, and that is how life goes. This is an emotional song that we hope Rhett records and releases, along with the other “IGTV singles” that he’s released via his Instagram page.

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