Thomas Rhett Goes Number One with “Slow Down Summer”

Thomas Rhett’s single “Slow Down Summer” officially marks his nineteenth number one single at Country Radio. Learn more here!

Thomas Rhett deserves each and every accomplishment he earns. In his incredible career, Rhett has scored nineteen number one singles. After earning a top spot on the charts with “Country Again,” the singer gets to celebrate yet again.”Slow Down Summer” is the top song at country radio.

The nostalgic song debuted back in November. According to Rhett, the song depicts a teenage romance that is about to be disrupted by college plans. “‘Slow Down Summer’ really is about two kids in love. Rhett continues to give us song after song to play in the soundtrack of our lives. We love that he continues to go back to his country roots, and this song is the perfect direction for the singer-songwriter.

“Yeah, what can I say? // We had our hopes up and the windows down // Fallin’ fast in a one-lane town // Tangled up with your lips on mine // Never seen a brighter green in those eyes and // I put my jacket on your shoulder // Wishin’ the weather wasn’t gettin’ colder // Lettin’ you go, holdin’ onto each other // Closin’ our eyes, sayin’, “Slow down, summer” (slow down, summer)”

Congrats to Rhett and his team on another incredible number one feat! “Slow Down Summer” is definitely a song worth celebrating.


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