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Restless Road

The comeback for country band, Restless Road starts right now. The trio of Zach Beeken, Colton Pack and Garrett Nichols released their self-titled, debut EP on Friday including the soon-to-be smash hit “Take Me Home” featuring country superstar, Kane Brown. This band’s journey has been a long and winding road (fitting with their name) that, at one point, looked like it was coming to an end. But with the help of Brown, Restless Road was given a new life with the likelihood of more success than they ever could have imagined.

The first track, titled “One Step Ahead”, was written by Beeken, Nichols, Jim Beavers, Lindsay Rimes and former band member, Jared Keim. Using their mixed vocal ranges in harmony, the guys inform the girl in the song that whatever she wants, it has already been taken care of.

“If you need your kisses to last a little longer/ If you need your heartbeat to beat a little stronger / Don’t worry that pretty little mind, I’m already ready / Yeah baby, I’m one step ahead”

The second track, “Take Me Home” will most likely be the biggest hit off the EP. Featuring Brown, the song puts a more modern spin on John Denver’s “Take Me Home Country Roads”. Instead of West Virginia being home, home is where this girl is. The song’s protagonist cites the reason for his band’s little success on the road was due to them not being together. Watch the music video below:

“Take me home, take me home / To a place, I belong / Cause I miss ya, and I wish ya / would take me home, take me home”

Penned by Beeken, Nichols, Keim, Kyle Fishman, and Michael Whitworth, the third track, “All the Girls” is dedicated to, you guessed it, all the girls. The modern sound of this song is complimented by steel guitar in the background and a fiddle solo during the bridge.

“Why ya think that we been working all week / Who ya think we going out to meet / Why ya think we got a shotgun seat / All the girls”

The final track, “It Ain’t Easy” is their most vulnerable one. Written by Beeken, Nichols, Keim, Justin Wilson, Jacob Durrett, and Steve Bogard, it discusses how difficult life can be when you are starting to look for jobs, move out of your parents’ house and date seriously. This song can relate to almost any young adult beginning to go through this process. The final chorus is more personal to them and their journey to becoming a band.

“Learn to strum this old guitar / Pay the rent from a tip jar / Write a 3-chord country song that’s got some feelin’ / Sounds simple, but it ain’t easy”

Beeken, Pack and Brown all auditioned for the X-Factor in 2013 but got eliminated before making the top-40. However, the judges liked Beeken and Pack so much that they decided to bring them back for season three and have them audition as a trio with another contestant, Andrew Scholz. They finished in fourth place.

This led them to move to Nashville with the goal of becoming singer/songwriters and maybe even getting signed to a record deal. With a little luck, the band was on the verge of calling it quits before Brown came across Pack’s cover of “Good As You.” He then pitched the trio a song he saved and never recorded, “Take Me Home.” You can watch more of their story in this video below:

Brown invited Restless Road to join him on his Worldwide Beautiful Tour with special guests Chris Lane and Russell Dickerson which kicked off in Atlantic City on February 29th. Check out a full recap of the night here.  For more tour dates, head to their website.

To keep up with Restless Road, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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