Heath Sanders & Justin Moore Collaborate on New Song “Raised On Red”

Heath Sanders and Justin Moore collaborate on new song “Raised On Red.” Learn more about the brand new track and listen below.

After bursting onto the country music scene with his debut EP, Common Ground, Heath Sanders is making quite the name for himself. Now, the traditionalist has a brand new song ready for fans! Today, Sanders collaborates with Justin Moore on “Raised on Red.”

Written by the recording artist with Dawson Edwards and Houston Phillips, “Raised On Red” is a true-blue country anthem. The song is fun, yet gritty in the best way. The collab between Sanders and Moore is an incredible pairing.

“Red // Red on the back of my neck // Red clay stains on my Chevrolet // Caked on these boots // To the pack of Redman that my papaw chewed // That red, the red that runs through my blood // It’s somethin’ I’m damn proud of // And man I love that I was raised on red // Yeah raised on red”

We are loving all the collaborations happening in country music right now. Between Ashley Cooke and Brett Young and Heath Sanders and Justin Moore, collabs are the perfect gift to country fans everywhere!


Heath Sanders and Justin Moore’s new song “Raised On Red” is out now.

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“Raised On Red” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.

5 New Male Country Artists to Be Excited About

Here are five new male country music artists that you should be paying attention to as they establish themselves in the genre.

Elvie Shane

Listen: “My Boy”

The incredible single-songwriter recently released his debut project County Roadsfollowed by his follow-up project,BacksliderShane’s debut radio single, “My Boy” landed him his first number one song back in October and thee singer-songwriter shows no signs of slowing down. His unique charm, charisma, and honest songwriting make him one of the artists we are most excited about this year. His talent is cool and fresh, and he is already vibing with country fans across the genre. Keep up with Shane on Instagram here.


Jackson Michelson

Listen: “Tip Jar”

Another artist we are loving, Jackson Michelson is one to look out for. Modern country lovers will fall in love with him in no time. He has radio appeal, swagger, and talent for days. Similar to one of our favorites, Filmore, Michelson is all about fun-loving and heartfelt songs. Check out his new EP, Back To That Summer, here. Make sure you give him a follow on Instagram.


Kameron Marlowe

Listen: “Giving You Up”

Arguably one of our standout favorites, Kameron Marlowe has intrigued us since the first moment we heard his music. His self-titled debut EP is one of the best we have heard in a long time. The singer writes and sings songs that are enticing, relatable, and as real as they come. Although we would recommend his whole record, his current single, “Giving You Up” is a must-listen. Follow along with him here.


Heath Sanders

Listen: “Common Ground”

We are also so excited about Heath Sanders and you should be too. When we interviewed the singer back in January about his Common Ground EP, we learned just how passionate he is for his craft. The four-song project conveys his love for country music and its listeners. We recommend that everyone add Sanders to their music rotation! Keep up with Sanders on Instagram here.


Jordan Rowe

Listen: “More Me”

Rounding out our list is the super talented, Jordan Rowe. The rising star has a sound that’s both modern yet traditional. He has written with some of the most talented songwriters in the industry, and it’s clear that now is the time for him to shine as an artist. With support from superstars like Luke Combs, who he opened for, there’s no denying that this is just the beginning for Jordan Rowe. Check out his debut album, Bad Case of the Good Ole Boy, here. Keep up with Jordan Rowe on Instagram here.


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Heath Sanders: Interview + ‘Common Ground’ – EP Review

Rising artist and songwriter, Heath Sanders’ debut EP, Common Ground is officially available now, January 29th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new record and take a look below as we dive a little deeper into the new music.

Heath Sanders’ Debut EP 'Common Ground' is out now, January 29th

Heath Sanders’ Debut EP ‘Common Ground’ is out now, January 29th

Almost two years ago to the day, an aspiring singer-songwriter, Heath Sanders shared a video of himself covering Chris Stapleton’s “Either Way.” The video went viral, garnering over a million views, and ultimately opening doors for him in Nashville. Flash forward to today, the singer signed a record deal with Big Machine Label Group’s Valory Music Co. imprint, home to artists like Thomas Rhett, Tyler Rich, and Justin Moore. Now, his debut EP Common Ground is officially available everywhere you listen to music.

In just four songs, Sanders evokes such talent, charisma, and story-telling that it’s instantly captivating. With a style similar to our favorite ’90s country artists, as well as, Luke Combs and even Stapleton himself, Sanders is one to look out for. According to Sanders in our exclusive interview, “Common Ground is really a big feeler to see what everybody is drawn to, and which side of me they love, and want to hear more of. […] We just want to give people a sample of what I have on deck.”

The EP is bookended by two incredibly touching slow-jams. Beginning with our personal favorite, the title track, “Common Ground,” the singer puts his vocals on display with heartfelt lyrics. Written with his friends and fellow songwriters, Jay Brunswick and Jeremy Bussey, Sanders felt that this was a message that had to be heard, especially due to the climate of the world. Moreover, the song depicts his personal journey of learning and growing as an artist.

“I’ve got to see a lot of the world and interact with a lot of different people, and it’s really woken me up to how similar we all are at the end of the day,” he shared with us, “I think at the end of the day, we all want happiness, peace, and we want to work hard, and raise our kids.”

“We’re all on a different journey / We’re all finding our own way / We’re all living, we’re all learning”

Sanders continues to share his vulnerable side with fans on the closing track “Can’t Undo I Do.” The song paints a picture of going through hard times in a relationship, but ultimately remembering that things will not unravel so quickly. Singing, “I know it stings right now, but we both know the truth / You can’t undo I do,” Sanders quietly, but profoundly states a universal truth.

The other two songs off the record, “Old School’s In” and “Love Needs Makin’” are just as special, but lean more into the singer’s upbeat and rock side. The former is slated to be Sanders’ first single to country radio. “That song is representative of who I am and where I come from, and how proud I am to be from a place like that,” exclaims Sanders. The song is fun, electric, and sure to be hit on the stage and on the airwaves.

Finally, “Love Needs Makin’” is that comforting, familiar everyday-man song that you just cannot get enough of. Uptempo and lyrically-sublime, the track is everything you want a country song to be. Sanders truly knocks it out of the park with this blue-collar tune that country fans are sure to go crazy for.

With only four songs, Sanders proves that he is one to look out for. When he is able to get back on the road, we are sure that these tracks are going to blow up even more. Despite his natural talent and hardworking nature, the singer-songwriter reminds us that he does it all for the fans. “My goal is to get back out there, so I can start hugging necks because I owe a lot of people a debt of gratitude,” he shares, ending our interview on a hopeful note that live music will prevail.

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Common Ground EP is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.

NYCS Swag Spotlight Heath Sanders

Heath Sanders

A viral moment on YouTube changed this week’s Swag Spotlight, Heath Sanders’ life forever. The Marshall, Arkansas native grew up in a conservative, religious home and he tells us that music was always running through his veins. “The drums were my first love, I would walk around tapping on things all the time when I was a kid, my parents thought I was crazy,” he recalls. “They finally broke down and bought me a drumset when I was 10 years old and I fell in love with that.” As a child, he remembers listening to a lot of classic, southern gospel music like The Isaacs, Fred Hammond and Bebe and Cici Winans but as he matured into his high school years, Garth Brooks became one of his biggest influences, along with Brooks & Dunn and George Strait.

After learning to play the guitar when he was twenty-one, he tried his hand at songwriting, but after a few failed attempts and what he calls “pretty terrible songs,” he didn’t approach the craft again until March of 2018 when he sat down to write his first single, “Bloodline”. He was inspired by the video above going viral of him singing Chris Stapleton’s “Either Way”. “I woke up on that Sunday morning three days after it had gone viral and for the first time in 13 years, I felt like writing a song,” Sanders said.

As he was sitting down with a pen to paper writing “Bloodline” he got a call from the host of the nationally syndicated Bobby Bones Show, Bobby Bones himself who wanted him to come down to Nashville and perform live on his show. The video now has garnered over 1 million views, giving Sanders an opportunity he never thought he would have. In the room that day was Brian Wright, EVP of A&R for Universal Music Group Nashville, Lauren Thomas, Director of National Promotion for SONY and singer/songwriter/producer and one half of Sugarland, Kristian Bush, all who said Sanders should definitely be pursuing music. Bush said:  “You definitely need to do this for a living, if you’ve got the courage for it, you should do this for a living”.

After that performance, Sanders made the decision to give up his work in the oil field, move to Nashville and continue to chase the dream and the chance that that national radio appearance and viral moment granted him. “I’ve always been a realist, so I never pursued it but fate didn’t give me an option, so I’m just rolling with it,” he humbly explained. He is grateful for the fan base that he has built around him and knows that as long as he has something to say that they want to hear, he will work to put out those songs.

Most recently, he was signed to a worldwide publishing deal with SONY/ATV Publishing after his self-penned song “Down On The South” was released. He explains that the song was written quickly after a conversation with songwriter Mark Alan Springer, who told him to “just write what you know, quit worrying about what you think everyone wants to hear, or what you hear on the radio, just write your heart.”

Since that first appearance, he has now opened for national acts including Justin Moore, Cody Johnson, Drake White, and Chase Rice. His undeniable talent and traditional country vibe will have fans loving his honest songwriting and relatable lyrics. He looks ahead to the rest of this year and playing more shows and releasing a few brand new songs. Be sure to follow his journey on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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