Elvie Shane: County Roads – EP Review

Elvie Shane’s debut EP County Roads is officially available now, April 23rd on all streaming platforms. Take a look below as we dig a little deeper into the new music.

There is nothing like championing new artists in country music. BBR Music Group signed singer-songwriter Elvie Shane last year, and today, April 23rd, his debut EP, County Roads is out on all streaming platforms. This is just the beginning for Shane, but it’s a mighty good one!

With just six songs, Shane manages to tell fans exactly who he is, what he is about, and the music he wants to create. The record opens up with the title track, “County Roads.” The rocking song is everything you want in an upbeat country jam! The song tells a story about the singer’s upbringing. Fans will want to dance and sing along and even intricately listen to the killer lyrics.

“Here’s to the lessons that don’t come cheap // To the long lost lovers in the shotgun seats // Here’s to the wild and the restless souls // Who got their street smarts runnin’ down them // County roads, county roads”

Guitar-heavy “Keep On Strummin’” is the next song on the EP. Continuing to learn more about Shane, the song makes you appreciate the artist’s talent even more. All about the things that bring him joy and his passion for music, the track is a must-listen-to.

Slowing it down a little, but still with the edge, “Sunday In The South” appeals to all types of country music listeners. The picturesque lyrics make you want to be spending a Sunday in the south with Shane and his family. This makes it evident that the singer knows how to have a good time no matter where he is.

The most familiar song on the record is Elvie Shane’s current radio single “My Boy.” The song has already broken the top thirty on the charts and continues to rise each week. A touching song about his stepson, the singer delves into the depths of his heart to share the experience of being a father to someone who is not his blood. Although other artists have sung songs about this before, Shane finds a way to make you feel like you are listening to an emotive song like this for the first time.

“He ain’t my blood, ain’t got my name // But if he did, I’d feel the same // I wasn’t there for his first steps // But I ain’t missed a ball game yet // And that ain’t ever gonna change // I could never walk away // Yeah, he’s my son and that’s my choice // He ain’t my blood but he’s my, he’s my boy”

Shane continues to tug at our heartstrings with “Sundress.” The heart-achingly beautiful love song is nostalgia at its finest. The sensual lyrics are both vulnerable and touching. Of course, the singer’s vocals also shine on the track. Proving that the artist is just as talented as a songwriter as he is a vocalist.

“We snuck off just around midnight // Threw a little red dust in her taillights // Drove far enough to get real close // Pulled off on a no-name road // I still think about her now and then // How the night looked on her skin // Ain’t never seen a sunset like // her sundress sitting in the moonlight”

Finally, Shane ends the record with another personal song entitled “My Mississippi.” Written by the artist, with Jakob Miller, “My Mississippi” is another inside look into the singer’s story. Once again showing off his intensely powerful vocals, the song showcases another side of Shane’s multi-faceted personality and experiences.

Shane manages to blend his influences and showcase his grit, nostalgia, and his undeniable talent with his first project. As the singer shared on his social media the record is “The story of who I am… all the twists and turns that got me to this very moment.” County Roads EP is a must-listen for all country music fans!

Elvie Shane's 'Country Roads' EP is available now, April 23rd

Elvie Shane’s ‘Country Roads’ EP is available now, April 23rd

NYCS Picks:

  1. “Sundress”
  2. “My Boy”
  3. “Keep on Strummin’”

County Roads EP Tracklist:

  1. County Roads
  2. Keep on Strummin’
  3. Sundays In The South
  4. My Boy
  5. Sundress
  6. My Mississippi

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