Jackson Michelson: ‘Back To That Summer’ – EP Review

Jackson Michelson’s new EP Back To That Summer is out now, September 17th on all streaming platforms. Check out our full review and listen to the brand new music below.

A few months ago we fell in love with emerging artist, Jackson Michelson. The singer-songwriter’s knack for crafting a catchy, yet heart-centered song is unparalleled. After introducing himself with his single, “Tip Jar,” Michelson is back with a brand new project. His new EP Back To That Summer is officially out.

The record features six original songs. Kicking off with “Tip Jar,” the singer catches listener’s attention right away. The song is all about using a night out with some live music to get over a break-up. Laced with pop-rock influences, the track is heartfelt yet still an absolute jam.

“I’ll toss a 20 in the tip jar // I gotta keep ‘em playing all night long // Tell all my buddies I won’t miss her // If I just keep ‘em playing all our songs // Ain’t reckless behavior, I gotta replace the // Memories we made here in this bar // And if the band can fix my broken heart // I’ll toss a 20 in the tip jar”

Michelson continues to keep the energy up on the next two songs, the title track, “Back To That Summer” and “Amplifier.” The former is a nostalgic tune all about reminiscing on a young-love romance. It is also one of our favorites off the project. “Amplifier” is a song primed for the stage. The singer professes his love for a one-of-a-kind lady on the upbeat track.

Similarly, Michelson expresses the buzz you get from falling in love on “Love High.” The previously released song compares love to all the things that get us feeling warm and fuzzy inside. It features cleverly-strung together lyrics that really paint a picture for listeners throughout the track.

“I don’t ever want to come down // Caught up in your blue eyes // I can’t even see the ground // Don’t need no shot of something // There ain’t nothing stronger than your kiss // I’m long gone and drunk off your lips // Girl you got me love high”

On “Call Me No One,” the singer slows down the beat to share an honest and truthful anecdote about love. The vulnerable song expresses to a girl that if no one is going to treat her the way she deserves to be treated, he will change that. Michelson creatively utilizes the idea of ‘no one’ and flips it on its head, creating a new, romantic meaning of the word.

“If no one is going to drive you home // If no one is going to kiss you all night long // If no one knows how to love you right, I’ll be no one tonight”

The record ends with “Stay Over.” Arguably, the most relatable song on the track, Michelson digs in to the messiness of break-up. Although the ex’s know that the last thing they should do is get back together, they are fighting to stay away from each other. Despite that, they “never stay over.” The song would make a great radio single for Michelson, and is one of our favorites.

Overall, the artist delivers an EP that has something for every music lover. Each of the six songs are easy and fun to listen to. At the same time, you are sure to find hidden meanings within the lyrics after each listen. Congrats to Michelson on a great project!

Back To That Summer Tracklist

  1. Tip Jar
  2. Back To That Summer
  3. Amplifier
  4. Love High
  5. Call Me No One
  6. Stay Over

Jackson Michelson’s new EP ‘Back To That Summer’ is out now.

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