Jordan Rowe: ‘Bad Case of the Good Ole Boy’ – Album Review

Jordan Rowe’s debut album, Bad Case of the Good Ole Boy, is out today, August 6, featuring “I Didn’t Sleep Last Night” and “Mama Ain’t Jesus” with Lainey Wilson. Read our full review below as we dig into the new project.

Country newcomer Jordan Rowe has a “bad, bad case of the good ole’ boy,” a theme that weaves its way throughout his debut album of the same name, out today, August 6. Inspired by the likes of Alan Jackson, Joe Diffie, and Luke Bryan, the Georgia native has a sound that’s both modern yet traditional. “I’m so excited to finally be putting out a full independent project. I’ve been working on some of these songs since 2019 and there was a lot of work that went into finding a unique sound,” shared the singer in a statement. “I  wanted to keep it young and competitive, but also make good country music like you and I grew up on.”

Produced by Derek Wells and released via River House Artists, Rowe’s influences are apparent on Bad Case of the Good Ole Boy, as he’s tried and true country on each of the album’s eight songs, beginning with its title track. The opener sets the stage for the rest of the album, as he sings of “kickin’ in these boots” and “digging in these roots.” Here, the singer-songwriter is unapologetically himself, embracing both who he is and the life he lives.

“Can’t in a Car” is a tongue-in-cheek ode to a truck and all the things you can’t do in a car, Rowe musing that “once you go truck, you never go back.” Meanwhile, the album’s first single, “I Didn’t Sleep Last Night,” is a new spin on the classic breakup song. Rowe is intent to stick it to an ex and prove he’s moved on by getting drunk and spending the night with someone new. On the twangy mid-tempo, he assures an ex that he didn’t stay up thinking of her, which is clearly a lie as he laments, “No, I didn’t sleep last night // I met me someone new // And we drank ’til we felt right // Hell, she even kinda looked like you // And we watched that sun come up // And you never even crossed my mind.”

While Rowe definitely embraces his raucous side on a few tracks, he shines even brighter on the ballads. On “The Good Ones Do,” he sings of all of the “good ones” in his life, including friends, coaches, pastors, and a special woman. “And every girl don’t dance // Barefoot in the rain // And every girl don’t stay // When she could’ve walked away // And every girl don’t like // A man in worn-out boots // And every girl don’t make you feel // Like she got lucky too // But the good ones do.”

On “Mama Ain’t Jesus,” Rowe celebrates his mother in the heartfelt song, accompanied perfectly by stunning background vocals from Lainey Wilson. Over twangy guitars, the pair sings of a woman who’s as close to Jesus as a human can possibly be. 

“I bet she’ll walk them streets of gold with a silver medal // And while the good lord comes back down to get us she’ll fill in // I ain’t been yet, but I’ve got a glimpse of Heaven // Cause Mama ain’t Jesus but she’s a close second.”

The album wraps up with “10-4,” featuring country legends Rhett Akins, Tracey Lawrence, and Eddie Montgomery. This track sounds straight out of the 90’s in the best possible way, as the four-country traditionalists sing from the perspective of truck drivers, traveling the open road.

“If you’re thinking I’m a certified son of a gun // Haul a whole lotta country in my ol half-ton // Work like a dog til the work gets done // Give the beer off my back if you ain’t got none,” they sing. “ If you think I got a bad case of good ol boy // Ya damn right buddy that’s a big 10-4.”

Rowe co-wrote all eight of the tracks on Bad Case of the Good Ole Boy, and it’s safe to say that he’s crafted a perfect introduction of himself to the country world. The collection is a solid one that’s sure to win over droves of new fans with each new song.

Bad Case of the Good Ole Boy Tracklist:

  1. Bad Case of the Good Ole Boy
  2. Can’t in a Car
  3. The Good Ones Go
  4. Who Needs You (feat. Ashland Craft)
  5. I Didn’t Sleep Last Night
  6. Mama Ain’t Jesus (feat. Lainey Wilson)
  7. Had a Ball
  8. 10-4 (feat. Tracy Lawrence, Rhett Akins, Eddie Montgomery)

Our Picks:

  1. “Mama Ain’t Jesus”
  2. “10-4”

Jordan Rowe’s new album ‘Bad Case of the Good Ole Boy,’ is out now

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