Morgan Wallen Previews Unreleased Track “Somebody’s Problem”

Morgan Wallen is keeping fans entertained, constantly dangling unreleased music at our fingertips. Between “7 Summers” (which was FINALLY released) and “Wonderin’ About the Wind,” Wallen’s sophomore album is sure to be something special. He even shared a sneak peek of another unreleased demo on his Instagram stories called “Somebody’s Problem.”

Morgan Wallen Somebody's Problem

The newest demo is right on target with the already released tunes that are slated to be a part of the next record. “Somebody’s Problem” is a narrative that is all about a budding new relationship. Wallen, ironically, sings the song in such a way that pays homage to the fact that with the start of one relationship, another one ends.

I think I’m liking where it’s goin’ / I’d like to try me some of somebody’s problem / Somebody’s goodbye / Somebody’s last call number that they can’t find / Somebody’s best day, somebody’s worst night / Somebody’s reason for leavin’ on the porch light”

The hopeful and relatable nature of the lyrics and Wallen’s uniquely special vocals are sure to have listeners swooning. Fans have plenty to be excited about! On top of continuing to release music, Wallen surprised fans with the news that the double record is a go! We will sure have plenty of new music from the superstar in the making sooner rather than later, and we cannot wait.

EDIT 11/20/20: “Somebody’s Problem” along with two additional songs, have officially been released. Learn more here

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