Kylie Morgan: Love, Kylie – EP Review

Kylie Morgan’s debut EP, ‘Love, Kylie’, is available on all streaming platforms now, June 11th. Take a look below as we dig a little deeper into the new music.

Country newcomer, Kylie Morgan released her debut Extended Play (EP) titled Love, Kylie today, June 11th at midnight. The six-track project contains three brand new songs and three previously released songs, “Shoulda,” “I Only Date Cowboys,” and the lead single “Break Things.”

A career in music is what Morgan dreamed of since she was three years old. Now twenty-five, she has landed a record deal and released her first EP appropriately titled Love, Kylie. Listeners who are unfamiliar with her just yet can learn more about her and her bubbly personality in these six fun, yet personal songs.

“You know how every little girl dreams and plans their wedding all their life? Well, this is what I was planning: my debut body of work,” Morgan told listeners in her teaser video. “Every song and every line is a chapter in my story and of my life and my prayer is that it relates to yours.”

Starting off the project with a previously released track, “Shoulda” is an edgy, up-tempo song about her poor decisions. After a messy breakup, she regretfully answers a phone call from her ex, which ends up with her waking up in his bed. Although the alcohol supported the choice, she knows she just should have stayed home. The clever songwriting and rock-inspired instrumentals make this an anthem for all people who struggle cutting ties with their former love interests.

Morgan lets her Oklahoma twang loose in the second song, “I Only Date Cowboys.” She admits she has dated every type of man, from bad-boys, city-boys, and the football stars, but no one gets her like a cowboy. Morgan shows her true country roots in this upbeat track, and even name drops several prominent cowboys such as Jesse James, John Wayne, and Billy Ray Cyrus in “Old Town Road.”

Break Things” was released in March of 2020 and has been her most popular song across all streaming platforms to date. In this energetic, yet vulnerable tune, Morgan confesses that she may be the reason her relationships don’t work out. She warns listeners and potential lovers to keep their feelings in check because she “breaks things,” including hearts.

So don’t stand too close // oh no don’t fall too hard // I ain’t a promise in the dark // ‘cause I break things // You think you do but you don’t // I tend to take it too far // So don’t hand me your heart // ‘cause I break things

Morgan made fans wait for the slower, more mild-tempo tracks on this project. In the acoustic-driven “Outdoor Voices,” she tells all dreamers that in order to achieve their goals, they need to use their outdoor voices, a knock to the classic parenting phrase “use your inside voices.” She puts her powerful vocals on display in this empowering message.

Out here no one can tell us we can’t use your outdoor voices // Don’t be afraid to live loud // I know that all voices tell you to keep it down, keep it down, keep it down // but I can hear you know, hear you now

In “Cheating on You,” the singer feels her and her lover are growing distant because things feel different when they talk, kiss, and lay in bed together. She expresses her concern over a snap-track beat, comparing this feeling to one of being with a complete stranger. Even though they are in the same room, their hearts are already out the door.

In the final track, “Mad I Need You,” Morgan explains the difference between physically and emotionally needing someone. In the first verse, she gives examples of how independent she is when it comes to changing a tire, or finding a way home from the bar, but when she is alone her body aches for this person. It frustrates her how badly she emotionally needs him.

Love, Kylie Track Listing
1. Shoulda (Kylie Morgan, Shane McAnally, Ben Johnson)
2. I Only Date Cowboys (Kylie Morgan, Nate Kenyon, Jay Allen)
3. Outdoor Voices (Kylie Morgan, Emily Falvey, Benjamin Joel Johnson)
4. Break Things (Kylie Morgan, Aaron Eshuis, James McNair, Nicolette Hayford)
5. Cheating On You (Kylie Morgan, Benjamin Joel Johnson, Geoffrey Warburton, Jeffrey Garrison)
6. Mad I Need You (Kylie Morgan, Nicholas Oliver Ruth, Emily Weisband) 

It has been quite the month for Morgan, who not only released her debut EP but also got engaged to her longtime boyfriend and fellow country artist, Jay Allen. With this collection of music, Morgan proves her staying power in the genre and we believe Kylie Morgan is on the road to becoming a household name. To learn more about Kylie Morgan, check out our interview with the artist here.

Kylie Morgan debut ep love Kylie out now

Kylie Morgan’s debut EP ‘Love, Kylie’ is out today, June 11th on all streaming platforms

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Love, Kylie is available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released tunes on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.