Kylie Morgan: ‘P.S.’ – EP Review

Kylie Morgan releases her new EP, P.S., out now, July 1st on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new project below and check out our full review.

One of our favorite songstresses in country music, Kylie Morgan just released her latest EP today. Her new project, P.S. is made up of seven songs that clearly show her zest for music, her talent as a songwriter, her impeccable vocals, and everything in between.

According to Morgan, “I can truly sit here and say, ‘I am so happy in my life.’ I feel like all my boxes are checked. I have my foundation and can truly be the person I was always meant to be for myself, my family, my friends, and my fans.” The record personifies this, as it continues the story from her first project.

Kicking off with “Independent With You,” Morgan ponders how she can be in a relationship and not lose herself. Next up, “If He Wanted To He Would,” marks Morgan’s debut single, heading to country radio today. The brutally honest nature of the song is one that any music fan can appreciate.

“Just ’cause he liked your old picture // Don’t mean he’s stuck on the past // Just ’cause he talks to your brother // Don’t mean he’s still attached // Just ’cause he’s drunk at 2 A.M. // Texts, “Hey, what’s up, girl, how you been?” // Don’t read too much into that // Don’t mean he wants you back”

The record continues with the next two songs on the project including “Love Like We’re Drunk” and “Gucci.” Both tracks serve as the lively, stage-ready songs on the project. The former is a guitar-heavy anthem, while the latter is a soulful, confident tune.

Next up is the only collaborative song on the project. Morgan joins forces with fellow songwriting buddy, Walker Hayes on “Country Anyway.” The clever and sassy song is melancholy, yet confident. The story is relatable and fun, something we have come to expect from the two stars.

“Always said you weren’t a fan of // Honky-tonkin’ in the neon haze // I bet you wouldn’t know Miranda // If she was singing on Tootsie’s stage // So, why do you always show up on Broadway // Being a downer, like you do // You know you wanna drive // Put the 615 and me in your rear-view // Hell, I’ll even buy you a beer or two”

On “Over A Redneck,” Morgan leans into her vulnerable side. The beautiful heartbreak song is relatable and poignant, a much-needed moment on the cohesive record. The final song, “Mean Girls” is one of our favorites on the record. The track is a beautiful and tender moment on the project. Although uncredited, Morgan is joined by her sister on the incredible tune. Anyone who has ever experienced bullying can relate to this impactful number.

P.S. is a true level up for Morgan. Her songwriting is some of the best in the industry, as she has a knack for crafting lyrics and a melody. The project proves Kylie Morgan’s staying power in country music and we have a feeling she is only just getting started.

P.S. EP Tracklist:

  1. “Independent With You” (Kylie Morgan, Erik Belz, Palmer Lee)*
  2. “If He Wanted To He Would (Kylie Morgan, Zandi Holup, Ben Johnson)
  3. “Love Like We’re Drunk” (Kylie Morgan, Jeff Garrison, Brian White)
  4. “Gucci” (Kylie Morgan, Nicolette Hayford, Pete Good)
  5. “Country Anyway” (feat. Walker Hayes) (Kylie Morgan, Elaina Jones, Walker Hayes)
  6. “Over A Redneck” (Kylie Morgan, Nate Kenyon, Blake Bollinger)
  7. “Mean Girls” (Kylie Morgan, Shane Stevens, Nash Overstreet)

Kylie Morgan’s brand new EP, ‘P.S.’ out now.

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