Kylie Morgan: ‘Making It Up As I Go’ Album Review

Kyle Morgan’s brand new album, Making It Up As I Go is out now, October 13th, on all streaming platforms. Listen to the new music below.

“At what age do you feel like a grown up?” Kylie Morgan asks on the titular track of her debut album, immediately drawing listeners in and setting the stage for the 12 tracks to come. On Making It Up as I Go, Morgan is approachable and relatable, introspective and outspoken, vulnerable yet strong.

All of the tracks on the LP were written or co-written by the Oklahoma native who manages to tap into a confessional yet approachable style of songwriting, remnant of early Taylor Swift or Kelsea Ballerini. This is especially evident on tracks like the introspective “Quarter Life Crisis,” the stirring “Class Rings,” the moving “Don’t Stay Gone Too Long,” and the empowering “Ladies First.”

“This album is for the in-betweeners. The ones who pretend to have it all figured out but are still finding out where they want to go, who they want to be, and how to get there. Whether you’re a child who’s supposed to feel like a teenager, a teenager who’s supposed to feel like a grown up or a grown up that still feels like a child. We’re all just doing our best and I hope this is the soundtrack to your journey,” The EMI Records Nashville artist shares. “‘Cause if we’re all being honest… we’re just makin’ it up as we go.”  

That in-between feeling works its way through the title track, as well as songs like the ode to various goodbyes, “Don’t Stay Gone Too Long” and the reflective “Quarter Life Crisis,” which finds her wondering about her life and how she’s living it. Written alone in a hotel room, she shares. “I was living my dream, but I couldn’t have felt more alone in that moment. The closer you get to your dream, sometimes the further you get from yourself, and that’s how it felt.”   

Female empowerment is a theme on tracks like the up-tempo “Country Girl,” the make-your-own-money-anthem, “Sugar Daddy,” and the kiss-off, “If He Wanted to He Would.” While “Country Girl” and “Sugar Daddy” are both fun pop-tinted tracks, “If He Wanted to” is more straightforward country, Morgan warning a girl not to give a guy too much credit. “If he loved you, he would tell you // If he missed you, he would call,” She muses. “If he wants you to meet his momma // Then he would bring you home // Oh, there ain’t no excuse // He ain’t Mr. Misunderstood // Quit lying to yourself // If he wanted to, he would.”

Likewise, guys are on put on blast on songs like “Bad Girlfriend” and “Happy Ever After Me.” The former is a Carrie Underwood-esque, guitar-heavy and tongue-in-cheek banger that tries to convince a man to put a ring on it in the most unconventional ways. Meanwhile, Morgan describes  the sweet “Happy Ever After Me” as “the prettiest version of a middle finger to my ex.” With its sweet vocals and slide guitars, the description is right on the money.

Morgan is at her finest when she’s at her most vulnerable, evidenced on songs like “Class Rings,” “Ladies First,” “A Few Hearts Ago,” and the album’s closer, “Old Me.” While “Rings” is about a high school love that doesn’t stick around (“That’s why class rings aren’t made of diamonds // Even my mama believed him.”), “Ladies First” deals with the insecurities and stigmas that often come along with womanhood. “How do you expect someone to respect you if you don’t respect yourself?” She asks on the especially poignant track.

While “A Few Hearts Ago” is an earwormy and catchy take on meeting someone at the right time, the lyrics prove that Morgan knows her emotional maturity. “A few hearts ago // Would’ve broke yours, I’d be missing out // Wouldn’t have these lips I’m kissing now // Time did what it’s supposed to do // Thank God I didn’t meet you // A few hearts ago.”

Finally, the LP concludes with “Old Me,” a poignant letter to Morgan’s younger self, much in the vein of Brad Paisley’s “Letter to Me.” It’s the perfect closer for an album that takes you on a journey, in the best way.  “I’m going to continue to grow, continue to discover new things about myself, and continue to reach the people that I feel like I need to say things to that they feel but don’t know how to say.”   

Making It Up As I Go Tracklist:

  1. Making It Up As I Go (Kylie Morgan, KK Johnson, Jordan Minton)
  2. Class Rings (Kylie Morgan, Ben Foster and Jack Newsome)
  3. Country Girl (Kylie Morgan, Gabe Foust, Nate Kenyon and Lance Miller)
  4. Sugar Daddy (Kylie Morgan, James McNair and Seth Mosley)
  5. Ladies First (Kylie Morgan, Ben Goldsmith, Josh Jenkins)
  6. Happy Ever After Me (Kylie Morgan)
  7. Bad Girlfriend (Kylie Morgan, Emily Earle, Blake Hubbard, Jarrod Ingram)
  8. A Few Hearts Ago (Kylie Morgan, Casey Brown, James McNair)
  9. Quarter Life Crisis (Kylie Morgan)
  10. If He Wanted To He Would (Kylie Morgan, Zandi Holup, Ben Johnson)
  11. Don’t Stay Gone Too Long (Kylie Morgan, Nelly Joy, Jason Massey)
  12. Old Me (Kylie Morgan, Megan Conner, Jeff Garrison)

Country Swag Picks:

  1. “Making It Up As I Go”
  2. “A Few Hearts Ago”
  3. “Class Rings”

Kylie Morgan’s new album, “Making It Up As I Go,’ is out now on all streaming platforms.

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