Kylie Morgan: ‘Songs To Say I Do’ – EP Review

Kylie Morgan’s EP, Songs To Say I Do, is out now, October 14th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand-new project below and check out our full review.

Inspired by her own October wedding, singer-songwriter Kylie Morgan released her EP, Songs To Say I Do, today. Featuring five new songs co-written by the EMI Records Nashville artist, the EP includes her viral hit “Bridesmaids,” which has absolutely exploded on TikTok.

Other tracks include “Always Been You,” “That’s My Man,” “Fireworks,” and “Good Hands,” each detailing various aspects of her wedding and courtship. In many ways, much of the EP is a love letter to her husband, her friends, and all of the complex feelings that go into planning and celebrating a wedding.

“Bridesmaids” is a clear and immediate standout, as there are not enough songs out there dedicated to female friendships. On the catchy ode to those who have stood by her through thick and thin, Morgan celebrates the “sisters she gets to choose,” including her high school friends, those who would post her bail, and those alongside her as she makes drunken decisions.

“My bridesmaids // My ride or dies // My champagne-tipsy kinda tribe // Wild ones, right by my side // Rocking black while I’m wearing white // Sisters I get to choose // Mighta found the one but I need you too // The song’s always about the groom // But I just can’t say I do // Without my bridesmaids”

Meanwhile, “Fireworks,” “That’s My Man,” and “Always Been You” are all tracks dedicated to the groom. On the mid-tempo “Fireworks,” she applauds taking chances, despite being burned in the past. “Why would I hold back my heart just ‘cause it’s been broken?” She asks. “I hope that I never learn // Even though I’ve been burned, I still love fireworks.”

With the twangy and fun “That’s My Man,” she toasts to all the things that make him unique, while “Always Been You” is about love at first sight. She admits here that she’s always known he was the one, as she sings, “ “I walked down the aisle when I first walked up to you….When you asked me out, that’s when I said ‘I do.’”

Lastly “Good Hands” finds her assuring her father that she’s in good hands when he gives her away to her groom. “I’m in good hands, when he’s holding onto mine, I know who I am, when I look in his eyes, “ She sings. “And he only sees the best in me, even when it’s hard to find, he’s a good man, I’m in good hands.”

On Songs To Say I Do, Kylie Morgan offers a special souvenir for her own wedding and for anyone about to tie the knot.

Kylie Morgan – Songs To Say I Do EP Tracklist:

  1. “Fireworks” (Kylie Morgan, Jeff Garrison, Caroline Watkins)
  2. “Good Hands” (Kylie Morgan, Ben Johnson, Emily Shackleton)
  3. “Bridesmaids” (Kylie Morgan, Sam DeRosa, KK Johnson)
  4. “Always Been You” (Kylie Morgan, Ben Johnson)
  5. “That’s My Man” (Kylie Morgan, Cameron Bedell, Micah Carpenter)

Kylie Morgan’s brand new EP, ‘Songs To Say I Do’ is out now.

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