Chris Young: ‘Famous Friends’ – Album Review

Chris Young’s new album Famous Friends, released today, August 6th is his first record in nearly four years and features collaborations with his own famous friends, including Kane Brown, Lauren Alaina, and Mitchell Tenpenny. Read our full review below.

Since bursting onto the country music scene with his debut album nearly fifteen years ago, Chris Young has been one of country music’s mainstay voices. Today, August 6, the crooner released his follow up to 2017’s Losing Sleep, featuring fourteen new songs, all but one of which he co-wrote. Young also lent his hand to producing the album alongside frequent collaborators Corey Crowder, Mark Holman, and Chris DeStefano.

“I know I’ve said it before, but I honestly can’t say it enough – I am so excited to be releasing my new album,” shared Young in a statement. “There are so many incredibly talented artists, songwriters, and producers – all friends of mine – who helped make this album possible. Having friends share their talents as collaborators, songwriters, producers, and more, it’s only natural to call the album Famous Friends.

The album opens with the one-two punch of the previously-released “Raised on Country” and “Famous Friends,” setting the stage for the collection which weaves seamlessly through moving ballads and rowdy party tracks. If not for the huge success of “Famous Friends” ft. Kane Brown, the album would’ve been named Raised On Country, which would’ve been equally fitting.

Keeping in line with the record’s title, Young enlists some of his famous friends on other tracks, including “Town Ain’t Big Enough,” a stirring duet with Lauren Alaina that was co-written by Dan + Shay’s Shay Mooney. Meanwhile, Mitchell Tenpenny appears on and co-wrote “At the End of the Bar,” with Young and Chris DeStefano. The song celebrates the “million things that you can find” at the end of the bar, including your true love or next broken heart.

Young shows his softer side on “Rescue Me,” “Break Like You Do,” and “Love Looks Good On You.” On “Love Looks Good On You,” which has almost a 60s, doo-wop feel, Young slips into his falsetto as he celebrates the love he’s found, crooning about how good a woman in love looks. Meanwhile on “Break Like You Do,” he’s struggling to recover from a breakup as he watches his former flame move on. “I see you’re doing well // Well, I’m not // Got someone new in your life // Well, I don’t,” He sings regretfully. “I been busy wantin’ you back // And you been busy movin’ on way too fast.”

It’s not all love and ballads on Famous Friends, with Young blowing the roof off on the anthemic and rowdy “One of Them Nights” that screams of future concert opener.  There’s also “Hold My Beer Watch This,” a tongue-in-cheek ode to those bad decisions made while drinking.

The album ends with “Tonight We’re Dancing,” which gives off “Getting You Home Vibes.” Young isn’t messing around here; he’s turning down the lights and making a magical night for one special lady. “So tonight we’re dancing // Barefoot in the kitchen // Spinning alone to a George Strait song // You Look So Good In Love,” he croons. “And when it’s just us // All I wanna do is stare into your eyes all night long // Heart to heart // Hand in hand.”

Of Famous Friends, Young says, “I want people to fall in love with it, blow their speakers listening to it, dance to it, party along with it, cry to it, just live it – and I can’t wait to start playing this new music on the road soon.”

It’s safe to say he’ll have no problem with those goals for Famous Friends, as there are definitely songs to dance to, cry to, fall in love to, and maybe most importantly, fall in love with.

Famous Friends Tracklist:

  1. Raised on Country – Chris Young/Cary Barlowe/Corey Crowder
  2. Famous Friends (with Kane Brown) – Chris Young/Cary Barlowe/Corey Crowder
  3. Town Ain’t Big Enough (with Lauren Alaina) – Chris Young/Cary Barlowe/Corey Crowder/Shay Mooney
  4. Drowning – Chris Young/Corey Crowder/Josh Hoge
  5. Rescue Me – Chris Young/Josh Hoge/Mark Holman/MatthewMcGinn/Christian Davis Stalnecker
  6. Break Like You Do – Chris Young/Chris DeStefano/Matt Rogers/Anthony Smith
  7. At the End of a Bar (with Mitchell Tenpenny) – Chris Young/Chris DeStefano/Mitchell Tenpenny
  8. Love Looks Good on You – Chris Young/Chris DeStefano/Ashley Gorley
  9. One of Them Nights – Chris Young/Chris DeStefano/Rhett Akins
  10. When You’re Drinking – Chris Young/Chris DeStefano/Matt Rogers/Anthony Smith
  11. Cross Every Line – David Garcia/Hillary Lindsey/Chase McGill
  12. Hold My Beer Watch This – Chris Young/Cary Barlowe/Corey Crowder
  13. Best Seat in the House – Chris Young/Sarah Buxton/Corey Crowder
  14. Tonight We’re Dancing – Chris Young/Josh Gleaves/Josh Phillips

Our Picks:

  1. “Famous Friends”
  2. “At the End of the Bar
  3. “Break Like You Do”
  4. “One of Them Nights”
chris-young-new album-famous-friends

Chris Young’s new album, ‘Famous Friends,’ is out now, August 6th

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