5 Things to Expect from Chris Young’s Album ‘Young Love & Saturday Nights’

We chatted with country singer, Chris Young about his new album, Young Love & Saturday Nights, out Friday, March 22nd. Here are five things to expect from the upcoming project.

  1. Young Love & Saturday Nights is the biggest album of Chris Young’s career for many reasons.

“The biggest thing for me was I wanted this album to be special. I had a lot of time to work on this record. […] I sort of decided ‘hey let’s change things up a little bit’. There’s songs on here that I didn’t write. There are songs on here that I co-wrote. There are songs that I produced by myself. I was really just trying to find a lot of things that I wanted to say.”

  1. While all of the songs are great in their own right, “Country Boy’s Prayer” is a standout track on the project.

“‘Country Boy’s Prayer’ is one of those really, really special songs. It’s different topically for me. Again, I feel like there’s a lot of things on this album that are different topically, than I normally would cover. […] It’s not even a party song, it’s just a little bit different.”

  1. Young co-wrote on 15 out of the 18 songs off the project and was very selective about choosing the 3 outside cuts.

“The biggest thing for me is I look at the song, I listen to it, and I think ‘dang I wish I wrote that.’ I think in my head, I’m immediately like I got to cut it […] ‘Double Down’ is just a fun, party song, that I wish I wrote. “Gettin’ Older” I wanted to write a song for my dad, I attempted it, and I just couldn’t get it right.”

  1. The record features songs that are a bit different topically for the singer.

“There’s a song about my dad and about my dog. I was just trying to pour out a little more of myself for this record that I haven’t delved into before.”

  1. Young knows that fans love his “sexy songs,” so the album boasts those types of tracks as well.

“I think that’s something that is indicative of my records. There’s always going to be love songs, sexy songs, it’s just something that has to happen. If I don’t have them on there people are going to be mad at me and probably throw things.”


Chris Young’s new album, ‘Young Love & Saturday Nights,’ drops Friday, March 22nd.

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