5 Things to Know About Chris Young’s New Album ‘Famous Friends’

As we anticipate the release of Chris Young’s new album Famous Friends, due out Friday, August 6th, we’re sharing five things to know about the record that we learned from a recent interview with the singer.

  1. The title track to the new record “Famous Friends” was intended to be a multi-faceted story that is relatable to fans.

“There is an angle to this that is supposed to be what’s going to click with everybody that hears it. It’s not what you think when you first see the title. […] We’re really taking the hat off to all the people that might not be famous to everybody else but they’re famous to you, to your hometown, to your friends.”


  1. The new record is full of collaborations and duets, which inspired Young to name the record ‘Famous Friends.’

“There are more guest appearances on this project than I ever had before. […] From producers to writers to players, there are so many people that got involved in this, whether they are well-known to the outside world or whether they’re well-known to the circle of Nashville songwriters or Nashville music.”


  1. The new record marks the first time Young ever produced songs with collaborator and songwriter Chris DeStefano (“Aw Naw” “Losing Sleep”).

“We really spent a lot of time in the fifteen months trying out different production stuff and making sure all of the songs on the record have their own space.”


  1. Famous Friends was reinvented during quarantine and turned into an entirley new project far past the last four years when the project first started.

“A lot of the stuff… take “At The End of a Bar” specifically, that got written when it froze over in Nashville this year,” adding later, “There are so many songs that got written and cut during this period of time. Now fans get even more music with fourteen songs.”


  1. Young did not listen to the full album in order until he had a physical copy of it when it was ready to come out.

“I’ve done all of the tiny tweaks before sending it to masters […] When we get that first physical one in, I’ll grab a CD, get in my car and listen to it top-down once, and I’m like ‘alright, it’s complete.’”


Check-in with us on Friday, August 6th for a full review of Chris Young’s new album Famous Friends.

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