Chayce Beckham: ‘Bad For Me’ – Debut Album Review

Chayce Beckham releases his new debut album, Bad For Me, out now, April 5th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new project here.

Since winning the 19th season of American Idol in 2021, Chayce Beckham has been establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in country music. On the heels of his first radio #1, “23,” the California native released his debut album, Bad For Me, out now.

Featuring thirteen new songs, nine of which he wrote or co-wrote, the album allows the introspective and unapologetic vocalist to soar. Produced by Bart Butler, the album features songs co-written by some of Nashville’s biggest names, including Brett James, Parker McCollum, Andy Albert, Natalie Hemby, Randy Montana, and more.

“Once I finished recording this album and had time to live with it, I felt the title Bad For Me fit perfectly. It sums up a lot of my own faults,” reveals Beckham in a statement. “I like a lot of stuff that’s bad for me, even though it ends up being kryptonite but that’s all a part of being human. I am so proud of this record. I just hope there’s a song on this album that makes somebody feel something.”  

Accepting his vices is a common theme of the LP, as Beckham struggles with moving on from a broken relationship, drowning himself in alcohol, dealing with addiction to a toxic woman, and so much more. The album’s title track is an introspective ballad that finds him doing just that, growling through lines like “Tonight I want something bad for me that’s gonna keep me up and losing sleep” and “I want that poison in her kiss to run right through my veins.”

Likewise, the rousing “Waylon in ‘75” and the album’s opening track, “Devil I’ve Been” continue with that outlaw vibe. “Devil” is a blistering and stomping ditty that allows the singer-songwriter to show off his vocal grit. On the Brothers-Osborne-meets-Eric-Church barn burner, he’s an outlaw trying to outrun his past. “Right now I need some saving // This much I know… Trying to outrun the devil I’ve been.” 

Beckham is introspective and apologetic on the stirring, “Mama,” which is a letter of apology for all of the mistakes he’s made. Written while he was competing on Idol, the penitent tune is sparse and heartfelt, as he recognizes both his mistakes and her sacrifice. “A woman shouldn’t have to carry anyone, let alone her own son…” He croons. “I’m sorry Mama, a woman shouldn’t have to do the things you’ve done.”

The 19 Recordings/Wheelhouse Records/BMG artist shows his more country-leaning side on tunes like “Everything I Need,” “Drink You Off My Mind,” “Addicted and Clean,” and “Smokin’ Weed and Drinkin’ Whiskey.” The latter is a full out honky tonk tune which finds Beckham celebrating the finer things from both his homes, California and Tennessee.

Meanwhile, “Drink You Off My Mind” pairs musical sunshine with more downtrodden lyrics in a clever juxtaposition, while “Addicted” is a mid-tempo that finds Beckham a walking contradiction, his voice softer and full of emotion as it subtly shimmies over slide guitar. “Everything” finds him celebrating the simpler things in life, celebrating that the wins are more common than the losses.

“I’m alive and I’m breathing, out here breaking more than even // I ain’t leaving, there’s no place I’d rather be // Ain’t no worry on my mind // Might even roll me one tonight, Let the smoke rise in the moonlight by the creek // And when the sun comes up, I’ll let it dawn on me, I’ve got everything I need.”

“Glitter,” “Something Worth Holding On To,” and “Whiskey Country ” each allow Beckham to show a hint of his more bluesy side, with the latter a romantic invitation for someone to join him down in Nashville. Meanwhile, “Glitter” truly shines, the lyrics painting a poetic picture of appearances being deceiving. “You can’t water silk flowers, expect them to grow or pretend it’s a diamond, when it’s a rhinestone // Yeah, we made it look perfect, like a magazine cover // Shine bright for the pictures, but not for each other // Love wasn’t real, kiss was for show, Baby it was only glitter, it was never gold.”

Pairing an incredible collection of songs with his warm soulful rasp, Bad For Me truly allows Chayce Beckham to shine in a way that’s way more than glitter… It’s gold.

Bad For Me Tracklist:

  1. Devil I’ve Been (Chayce Beckham, John Pierce, Lindsay Rimes)
  2. Addicted And Clean (Chayce Beckham, Emily Landis, Justin Morgan)
  3. Waylon In ‘75 (Jon Randall, Brett James, Parker McCollum, Lee Thomas Miller)
  4. Bad For Me (Joe Fox, Randy Montana, Tyler Chambers)
  5. Drink You Off My Mind (Chayce Beckham)
  6. Everything I Need (Chayce Beckham, John Pierce, Lindsay Rimes)
  7. Whiskey Country (Chayce Beckham, John Pierce, Lindsay Rimes)
  8. Glitter (Joey Hendricks, Mark Trussell, Natalie Hemby)
  9. Smokin’ Weed and Drinkin’ Whiskey (Chayce Beckham, Andy Albert, Mark Trussell)
  10. Something Worth Holding On To (John Pierce, Brandon Kinney, Micah Wilshire)
  11. Mama (Chayce Beckham)
  12. If I Had A Week (Chayce Beckham, Scooter Carusoe)
  13. 23 (Chayce Beckham)

Country Swag Picks:

  1. Glitter
  2. Smokin’ Weed and Drinkin’ Whiskey
  3. Waylon in ‘75
  4. Addicted and Clean
  5. Everything I Need

Chayce Beckham’s debut album, ‘Bad For Me’ is officially out now on all streaming platforms.

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