Chayce Beckham Earns First Number One Single with “23”

Chayce Beckham earns his first number one single at country radio with his song, “23.” Learn all the details here and listen to the song below!

American Idol favorite and one of country’s music rising stars, Chayce Beckham has had quite the career so far. From the moment he started releasing music, the singer-songwriter resonated with his fanbase. His debut single to country radio, “23” was a fan-favorite from the get-go, and now the single marks Beckham’s first number one of his career.

This moment is even more special for Beckham because “23” is an autobiographical song that he self-penned about his struggles and his life. Adding to the feat, “23” becomes the first number one song that was solely-written by the artist who also recorded it since Taylor Swift’s “Ours” in 2012. The hit song precedes the singer’s debut album, Bad For Me, which is slated for release this Friday, April 5th.

“Well, I went to California and I had me a band // And we played in all the bars in all the southern lands // We played all night, and we drank for free // All of my boys and me // Now I’m 23 and there ain’t nobody who can drink like me // Soon I’ll be 24 and the Lord knows that I can’t drink no more // I know I shoulda taken it slow // It’s not the way that my life goes // Now I know”

Congratulations to Chayce Beckham on his first number one single at country radio!

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