Sam Hunt: ‘Locked Up’ – EP Review

Sam Hunt releases his brand new EP, Locked Up, out now, April 5th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the new project here.

Sam Hunt is the type of artist who truly beats to his own drum. His rhythmic way of approaching music Chas garnered him millions of loyal fans, since he came on the country music scene. While it has been a windy road for the artist, Hunt has remained honest and true to his music through his songwriting and storytelling. Today, the singer-songwriter shares more of his own experiences and his talent in his brand new EP, Locked Up.

The new EP features four songs that feel like a teaser for what’s to come from Hunt. The record kicks off with the title track, written by Hunt with Zach Crowell, Jerry Flowers, Shane McAnally, and Josh Osborne. “Locked Up,” a catchy, mid-tempo song, depicts Hunt’s experience being charged for a DUI back in 2019. Throughout the song, he owns up to his “rowdy days” and shows appreciation for his wife for standing by his side. The song is a nice display of accountability hidden in an ear worm of a song.

Much like the final song off the EP, “Country House” feels reminiscent of older Hunt songs like “Body Like A Back Road.” The song celebrates where Hunt is in his life right now, settled down with a family to call his own. On the other hand, the other new song off the project, “Last Hurrah,” shows Hunt in a more introspective light. The song displays a man reminiscing about what happened to a wild girl he once new. “Last Hurrah” draw the listener in with the haunting vibes and relatable lyrics.

The four-song project wraps-up with his previously released song, “Outskirts.” On the surface, the single feels like just another fun song (and it is), but under the surface, the song depicts the story of a single man in the city, who finds himself reminiscing about what could have been with a lost love.

Locked Up Tracklist:

  1. Locked Up (Sam Hunt, Zach Crowell, Jerry Flowers, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne)
  2. Country House (Sam Hunt, Ross Copperman, Michael Lotten, Josh Osborne)
  3. Last Hurrah (Luke Laird, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne)
  4. Outskirts (Sam Hunt, Zach Crowell, Jerry Flowers, Josh Osborne)

Sam Hunt’s new EP, ‘Locked Up’ is out now on all streaming platforms.

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