George Birge: ‘Cowboy Songs’ – EP Review

George Birge releases his brand new EP, Cowboy Songs, out now, April 5th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the new project here.

RECORDS Nashville recording artist, George Birge is one to look-out for in the country music landscape. He has found a way to bridge the gap between Texas-country music and more modern-country, while making sure to keep with his signature sound. Today, fans get a taste of his talent with his brand new EP, Cowboy Songs, out now.

The new record features seven songs, including, “It Ain’t Austin” and the title track, “Cowboy Songs.” On “It Ain’t Austin,” Birge reveals a deeper side, as the song expressing a longing for a relationship that has run its course. On the other hand, on the smokey-feeling, “Cowboy Songs,” the singer-songwriter showcases a more edgy version of his talent. The track is mesmerizing upon first listen, much like, track 6, “Hard on the Bottle.”

“‘Cause she only dances to cowboy songs // Loves to get lost in a moment // She comes alive when the neon’s on // Don’t wanna leave ’til it’s closing // So I’ve got a twenty on the jukebox to keep it playing // Anything that sounds like Waylon // And right here’s where I’ll be staying all night long // ‘Cause she only dances to cowboy songs // She only dances to cowboy songs”

Themes of love and loss continue to duel and blend in a perfect way throughout the record. On “Made You, Made Me,” Birge shares candidly about how different two people can be, putting the girl on a pedestal, and pondering how God could make both of them. The song feels different in a way that will have listeners wanting to listen to the song again and again. Similarly, on “Damn Right I Do,” Birge dives into the introspective nature again, yet this time, in a more relatable, nostalgic way. The singer-songwriter continues to delve into his feelings and nostalgia on “OK Breakin’ Up.” While the song depicts heartbreak, Birge appears to find solace, as the lyrics unfold in a beautiful story-telling way.

Finally, Birge ends the record with a mid-tempo song called, “Miss Missin’ You.” Throughout the song, the singer shares an all-to relatable experience of a relationship that is no longer. Despite missing things about the relationship, the idea of missing someone is no longer something he misses. The song is both a perfect addition to the record and a perfect way to end the EP.

Cowboy Songs truly has a song for every country music lover. All seven of the songs display different threads that make up George Birge’s unique knack of story-telling and sharing his art. The EP is a perfect addition to his growing catalog of music.

Cowboy Songs EP Tracklist:

  1. Cowboy Songs
  2. Made You, Made Me
  3. Damn Right I Do
  4. It Ain’t Austin
  5. OK Breakin’ Up
  6. Hard on the Bottle
  7. Miss Missin’ You

Country Swag Picks:

  1. “Cowboy Songs”
  2. “Made You, Made Me”
  3. “OK Breakin’ Up.”

George Birge shares his brand new EP, ‘Cowboy Songs,’ out now on all streaming platforms.

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