Fellow New Yorker Willie Lock Releases New Song “Bad Things”

Willie Lock’s new song “Bad Things”, co-written by Lock, Dan Emino, and John Pizz, is available now, February 26th, everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a look below as we dig a little deeper into the track.

Willie Lock’s new song "Bad Things" is available everywhere now, February 26th

Willie Lock’s new song “Bad Things” is available everywhere now, February 26th

For our local New Yorkers, Lock will be playing the 6th Ward in Brooklyn tonight (2/26) with his co-writer Dan Emino in celebration of their song release. The two posted a clip of the song the day they wrote it way back in May of 2019. They also posted an acoustic version of the song on Instagram Live in May 2020. Lock will also be playing Sunday at The Inn in Long Beach with his other co-writer John Pizz.

Willie Lock is a local New York country artist that has spent the better half of the last decade performing across the country. He may actually be more known to local New Yorkers and specifically Long Islanders than they realize. Lock has been the lead singer of the cover band Mean Machine since early 2016. Mean Machine has played across the tri-state area and are frequent performers of summer night gigs at popular locations across NYC and Long Island including The Inn (Long Beach), Salt Shack (Babylon), Dublin Deck (Patchogue), Tiki Joe’s Beach Hut (Smith Point), and Dockers (The Hamptons). 

With three released songs so far, Lock’s journey is only just beginning and he believes “Bad Things” will be the biggest song of his career. Lock’s debut single “Follow Your Soul” was released in June of 2019. This song is the story of his journey as an artist including moving to New York City and the challenges he faced along the way including his fight to make ends meet and continuing to believe in his dream of making it as an artist. When Lock was sleeping on his friend’s floor and unable to afford the subway fare to and from work, he spent many nights walking home from his restaurant job. It was on those walks that he wrote “Follow Your Soul”. He says this song “is a story about not caring about what anybody thinks of you, taking the opinions of outsiders with a grain of salt, and staying true to yourself.” If it weren’t for following his soul and believing whole-heartedly in the lyrics of this song and its message, he would likely not be where he is now, continuing to release music and chase his dream of making it as an artist.

Following his debut single in 2019, Lock went on to release three new songs in 2020 including “Radio”, “100 Ways” and an original Christmas song, “Footprints”. In June of 2020, Locke also formed the duo Sunrise Highway, a group with his good friend, guitarist, and fellow Mean Machine member, John Pizz. Lock made his Nashville performance debut this past June when Sunrise Highway toured from New York to Nashville.

Continuing on the momentum that the last year has brought him, Lock has now released his newest single “Bad Things”. This song is about that person that you know isn’t good for you, but you keep going back to them anyway. Just because you know they’re bad for you, doesn’t mean that’s going to stop you from wanting them.

“Like I’m stealing things when I knew I’d get caught and / Touching fire when I knew it was hot and / Mixing liquor at the end of the night / You’re one of the bad things that I like / Getting high off the Cali Fire and / Doing 90 in a 75 and / A cigarette at the end of the night / You’re one of the bad things that I like”

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“Bad Things” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.