Who Is Breland? The Story Behind His Journey to Country Music

Who is Breland? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about his journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


The Beginning:

It is quite evident that the recording artist, Breland is a star in the making! Breland is indisputably an artist to pay attention to. The Jersey native has quite the collection of collaborations that serve as a testament to the music community’s appreciation for his undeniable talent. We chatted with the singer-songwriter to learn more about his journey so far.

“My parents are both ministers and they lead worship at church and they met in a gospel choir, so growing up there was a lot of gospel music around the house,” begins Breland. “They are probably the most talented married couple vocally that I’ve ever come across,” shares the singer. Later, the entertainer paid more homage to his parents. “I definitely credit them for some of the things I am doing now vocally, in terms of arrangement and even melodies as a songwriter.”

Despite his family’s obvious talent and inspiration, Breland honed his artistry during his time away at boarding high school. “Being able to establish my own identity away at high school was really pivotal. I just started telling people on campus that I was an artist,” shared the singer.

The Turning Point:

After high school, Breland continues his education by heading to business school at Georgetown University. While in college, the singer-songwriter decided he wanted to keep grinding in the music industry.

“I kind of decided I wanted to kick things up a notch with music, so I started looking for mentors that could give me meaningful feedback with what I was doing,” shared the singer, adding, “I just started cold reaching out to different producers […] Eventually, some people listened and they were down in Atlanta, which motivated me move there after college.”

Breland truly embodies a passion for the industry. “You can only control your effort. You can only control how you treat people and you can only control your mastery of the craft. I think for me it was a combination of all three of those things,” shared the artist.

While in Atlanta, Breland added more genres to his catalog of music interests. “I kind of developed an appreciation for country music around that time because it was my first time truly living in the south. I was like man these people in country music have figured something out, there’s a formula that they have that I would like to figure out, I want to tap in.”

The singer also credits artists like Stevie Wonder, Keith Urban, Drake, Nelly, and Justin Bieber as some of his inspirations. When it comes to songwriting, Breland shared,”it’s a lot of Motown music like 60s and 70s, the evolution of pop.”


Breland burst on to the scene with his cross-genre hit, “My Truck,” According to the singer, “’My Truck’” was kind of a demo I had made after living in Atlanta for a few years and there was enough of me in it that I wanted to put it out independently.” This song was the starting point of Breland’s desire to explore the crossroads between the country and hip-hop genres.

“I was really interested in the intersection between country and hip hop, giving that they are both the preeminent genres in the south and recognizing that there’s not really a whole lot that separates the listener base if you look at every factor, other than race.”

Breland also credits the collaborations in hip hop music as his inspiration for his own collaborations. So far in his young career, the singer has already dropped music with Nelly, Dierks Bentley, Keith Urban, Mickey Guyton, and more. “I don’t really go into any of these things thinking I have to be on this song as an artist, I just want to create something and whatever is meant to happen will happen,” shared Breland.

Just this week, Breland premiered his latest collab, a brand new song “Praise The Lord” featuring Thomas Rhett, which the two performed together Monday Night (March 7th) on the ACM Awards. “I know that it’s a song that’s sticky, it definitely gets into people’s heads, and it’s kind of different and adds something cool to the country algorithm. And to have Thomas Rhett on it, I think will really surprise a lot of people and make perfect sense.”

Breland also revealed his debut album, CROSS COUNTRY will be out early this summer.


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