Blanco Brown: ‘Heartache & Lemonade’ – EP Review

Blanco Brown releases his new EP, Heartache & Lemonade EP, out now, April 5th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new project here.

The viral dance craze, “The Git Up,” put Atlanta native, Blanco Brown on the map in 2019. Fast forward five years, and fans finally have a follow-up to the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter’s debut album. The single “Sunshine Shine,” was released back in February. It’s ear-catching blend of playful melodies and good vibes are reminiscent of his number one single.

Brown branches out from his winning formula on the remaining three tracks with romance being the major theme. In the short opener, the singer is conflicted about what caused his most recent breakup and how he feels about it. “Tailgating In The Sun” and “As Good As It Gets” are love ballads.  In the latter, there is a dramatic build-up as the chorus comes in; the singer expresses how much fun life is with his woman. In the bridge, Brown channels in his inner rock star, screeching the final word in front of an electric guitar. While “Tailgating In The Sun” sounds like another party anthem, it’s a mellow tune about how love prevails over everything. He speak-raps the final line:

“Yeah, I remember those summer days // It seemed like I could never get away // I thought I knew what love was // but now I understand what it means // To love even when you’re at the lowest”

Through Heartache and Lemonade, Blanco Brown reaffirms his reputation as a boundary-breaking artist. His ability to seamlessly blend genres enables him to craft a distinctive sound that makes listeners want to dance, cry, love, and everything in between.

“This EP feels a bit different for me,” Brown said in a recent press release. “I’ve now traveled the world, looked death in the eyes and somehow made it back alive. Bitter moments never lasted, sweeter moments brought me back to purpose…Heartache & Lemonade brings about a new chapter. Try turning some of your worst moments into a smile every once in a while.”

Heartache & Lemonade EP Tracklist:

  1. Energy
  2. Tailgating In The Sun
  3. Good As It Gets
  4. Sunshine Shine

Blanco Brown shares new EP, ‘Heartache & Lemonade,” out now on all streaming platforms.

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