NYCS First Impression: Blanco Brown’s Debut Self Titled EP

Blanco Brown

The country music world better make some room, because Blanco Brown is certainly redefining the genre. The brand-new artist released his self-titled EP today (May 31) via Broken Bow Records, and if its success is anything like that of his widely received debut single, ‘The Git Up’, it could mark a very unique and timely twist on what we know and love as country music.

Brown’s sound has been self-defined as “trailer trap” – part trailer park, part trap music, an ingenious genre of his very own which is heavily influenced by two of his greatest musical influences- Johnny Cash and Outkast.

Through the songs on this EP, such as ‘Ghett Ol Memories’ and ‘Georgia Power’, he manages to give you a glimpse into his childhood, split between the urban ‘hood and summers spent with relatives in the small rural town of Butler, GA., while at the same time seamlessly blurring the lines between hip hop and country, two genres that have always been thought of as polar opposites.

“I don’t necessarily think of the sound as being genre-breaking,” he says in his bio. “I think of it as being culture-bonding. If you listen to the messages of these songs, you’ll find it’s about the things we all go through as humans, not about race.”

“The Git Up”, his debut single released on May 2nd, 2019, has caused an overwhelming outbreak of attention to Brown, just in time for the release of his new EP. This undeniably catchy and loveable dance-along song has its own fun choreography, as posted in an instructional video on Brown’s YouTube channel, and has even led to ‘The Git Up Challenge’, consisting of swarms of online fans posting their rendition of the dance moves. Comments on the tutorial read ‘Cha Cha slide meets Old Town Road’, and ‘Country Weddings will never be the same.”

In songs such as ‘CountryTime’, and ‘TN Whiskey’, Brown mixes his stellar vocals with catchy hip hop beats that sneak in when you least expect it, and completely change the entire feel of the songs, giving them the best of both worlds.

“Making trailer-trap music really feels liberating to me because I want to bring people together. That’s what this music stands for: unity. It’s multiple influences and sounds and styles, all coming together,” Brown continues.

Brown’s authenticity, gift for detailed story-telling, artistic mind and diverse upbringing are the perfect combination for songs that will capture the hearts of many who can relate to his stories, are fascinated by his new self-made genre, and simply just want some music to listen to have a good time.

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