Parmalee Scores #1 Song with “Just The Way” featuring Blanco Brown

Parmalee’s “Just The Way” featuring Blanco Brown earns them number one song as the tune hits the top spot on the country charts this week.

It has been seven years, since country band, Parmalee found themselves at the top of the charts with “Carolina.” Now, their smash hit with fellow artist and friend, Blanco Brown, “Just The Way” revitalized their career and exponentially grew their prospective fanbase. Today the upbeat song found its way to the top of the country charts, marking Brown’s first number one on country radio.

Written by Matt Thomas, Kevin Bard, and Nolan Sipe, “Just The Way” is a song that encourages acceptance and loving people for who they are. Boasting equality, it is refreshing to see a song like this take the number one spot on the charts. The song shares the impossible task of being perceived as perfect on social media and to society, adding that flaws are really what makes us human.

“I love you just the way God made you // Girl, he don’t make mistakes // What you call your imperfections // I call beautiful, babe // So let my eyes be your mirror // And you’re bound to see it too // ‘Cause I was made for loving // Just the way God made you”

Parmalee and Brown take turns singing their prospective verses. During the chorus and bridge, the band and singer show how effortless their voices mesh together, as well as, how incredibly talented they all are.

Congrats to Parmalee and Brown on their hit!

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